Xbox One VR Support No Longer Being Worked On


About a couple of years ago, the Executive President of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, stated during the course of E3 2016 that Project Scorpio (AKA Xbox One X) would support “high-end VR” like that which is available on Windows PCs. That never came to pass, and now it looks as though Microsoft's Chief Marketing Officer for Gaming, Mike Nichols, is walking back the company's previous statements on the matter by explaining that the tech firm will no longer work on VR support for the system.

This much was revealed during a recent interview with, in which Nichols stated that "we don’t have any plans specific to Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality." Interestingly enough, Nichols then went on to say that the PC is “probably the best platform” for virtual and mixed reality, and that for the Xbox One, “our focus is primarily on experiences you would play on your TV.”


This statement from Nichols on Microsoft's plans for no VR support for the future of Xbox will likely disappoint virtual reality enthusiasts looking to try the tech out on the company's consoles, but it looks as if they will be relegated to PC. Nevertheless, VR stalwarts can always give PlayStation VR a go, as the Sony headset has done reasonably well in the market, with the Japanese conglomerate having released a slew of exclusive titles for the platform.

All things considered, Microsoft's decision to shift its VR focus away from Xbox and onto PC will hopefully allow the company the much-needed space to develop more first-party content for its Xbox One and future console, which is code named Scarlet. At any rate, we will simply have to wait and see what other plans Microsoft has for the Xbox One and its gaming division as a whole.


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