In the wake of Minecraft coming to Wii U, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, responds to fans wondering if he’d like to see Nintendo games on the Xbox One.

As one of Microsoft’s newly acquired franchises, it’s almost surprising how lenient the company has been with allowing Minecraft on other gaming consoles. While it’s true that the game had already been available on PlayStation prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, it was still a little odd when the PEGI ratings board recently leaked that the once-indie mega-hit was en route to the Nintendo Wii U.

After Nintendo and Microsoft jointly announced that Minecraft was coming to the Wii U, some gamers began thinking about what other types of partnerships may be in the cards for the two companies. One inquisitive gamer even took to Twitter to ask Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, if he’d like to see Nintendo games released on the Xbox One. Unsurprisingly, the executive stated that “I’d be happy to see that.”

While it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that the head of Xbox would love to see the likes of Super Mario arrive on his company’s platform, it should be noted that some interesting things could come to fruition as a result of the recent Minecraft deal. One instance that fans were quick to bring up was the long-awaited remaster of the Nintendo 64’s beloved GoldenEye 007, which is known to have been in the works for the Xbox 360 before the existing entourage of license holders shut the project down.

Could this newfound partnership of sorts be the beginning of the iconic game’s return? Spencer didn’t seem to think that was likely, suggesting that Microsoft has looked at piecing together something with the title many times before, ultimately giving up on every occasion. That said, he didn’t completely rule it out.

It’s no secret that many are hoping to see the likes of Banjo and Kazooie join Super Smash Bros., and since Microsoft is working with the Big N to bring exclusive, Nintendo-themed to the forthcoming Wii U version then it certainly seems possible. Time will be the deciding factor on whether or not the companies grow closer, however, although the wait likely won’t be all that long if anything is to come of it.

The future of Nintendo creating games for its own hardware will likely come down to how well the NX console ends up doing. With alleged plans claiming that mass production kicks off at the end of Q1 2016, it’s entirely possible that Mario and friends could be arriving on the Xbox One at some point in the console’s lifecycle – if, and only if, the NX platform doesn’t pan out. For now, though, it’s almost certainly not in the cards.

Source: Twitter – Phil Spencer (via GamesRadar)