Xbox One March Update Adds Screenshots and Spam Reporting

One feature that Xbox One owners have been asking for since the launch of the system is the ability to take screenshots. Sure, recording gameplay clips and being able to edit them is nice, especially since they can be shared, but screenshots were weirdly absent from the Microsoft console. The lack of this particular option became even more obvious when compared to the PS4, which launched with that very feature, complete with a dedicated 'Share' button on the DualShock 4. The Xbox One's screenshot feature was initially expected to come in an update last year, but was pushed back into early 2015 because, as it turned out, adding the feature was proving to be more challenging than initially expected. Then, last week, if only to tease the feature's impending debut, Xbox head Phil Spencer tweeted out an image that more or less suggested that Xbox One players would soon be able to take as many in-game screenshots are they want. Non-preview program members have to wait until the just detailed March update rolls out, but those fortunate enough to beta test the update can now play around with the screenshot feature, among other things. As Xbox Live's Larry Hryb and Xbox Engineer Richard Irving explain in the above video preview, taking a screenshot is as simple as double-tapping the Xbox button, then pressing 'Y' to save the screenshot. Alternatively, and if you still enjoy Kinect's voice controls, users can say "Xbox Take a Screenshot." The Upload app also receives an update to support screenshots, and will allow people to manage them alongside their 30 minute game clips. Furthermore, screenshots can be used as a background, so have fun trying to setup the perfect shot.

Xbox One Screenshot Feature

Other notable things contained with the March update include changing how transparent the tiles are (making it even easier to see those new screenshots), the option to share real names with the entire friends list of the Xbox Live community and a new suggested friends feature – in addition to recommending new friends, top community broadcasters and clip creators will also be shared. Lastly, users can now report any spam messages sent their way, because if people have seen one "get 13 months of Xbox Live for $20" message, they've seen them all. Reporting spam is pretty straightforward, with users only required to select the unwanted message the choose the 'Report' and then select the 'Spam' option. This may be more time consuming than simply deleting the message, but at least the option is there. Now all that's needed is a way to filter them out, so that they don't even hit the inbox. There's only one full week left in February (a month that also saw an important Xbox One update) so it's not much longer that gamers have to wait for the March update. Microsoft said that screenshots were coming, and they certainly made good on their word. Nicely done. How excited are you for the ability to finally take screenshots? Beyond that, how many amazing moments went unshared because of the lack of the feature? Source: Major Nelson's Blog

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