Microsoft left a few key pieces of information out of its Xbox One announcement a few weeks ago, namely how much the console will set players back at launch. Fortunately, the company has just revealed the price for its next-generation system – and it’ll be a full $100 more expensive than its predecessor, the Xbox 360, was when it launched in 2005.

Weighing in at a whopping $500, the Xbox One boasts an all-new, steamlined design aesthetic that fans have slowly but surely gotten a bit more used to. Gone, it seems, are the days of skeuomorphism and embellishments in console design (though we still have yet to see what Sony has up its sleeve for the PlayStation 4), and with the new flat design comes a one-size flat rate of half a thousand dollars. Across the pond in the UK, that comes out to 429 British pounds, and 499 Euros elsewhere in Europe. Included in that price is the console itself, the new version of Kinect (without which the Xbox One will not function) and one of the system’s shiny new controllers (remember, Xbox 360 controllers are not compatible with Xbox One).

During the 2005 launch of the current-generation Xbox 360, the Core system was priced at $299 US and $399 in Canada, while the 20 GB Premium system was $399 US and $499 in Canada.

Let’s hear it, Ranters: what do you think of the Xbox One’s price? Too much? Just right? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

The Xbox One is set to launch this November in 21 countries worldwide.