There are many inconveniences in the world of video games, everything from charging controllers to hour-long updates. And if there’s one thing that the next-gen could bring to gamers, it’s an easier way to complete very basic tasks.

One of those basic tasks is redeeming game codes, something most gamers have done at least once in their lives. However, if one Xbox One fan were to have it his way, the new Kinect sensor would eliminate code input altogether.

As seen on Reddit, the suggestion is pretty simple: rather than input a 16-digit code, gamers would simply hold a QR or bar code up to the Kinect sensor, and the device would do the rest. Game unlocked. DLC Purchased. Whatever you wanted, with minimal effort.

Kinect Sensor Scan QR Codes Reddit Post

Now, the main crux of this suggestion is the Xbox One‘s new Kinect sensor, which ships alongside every console and is required for gameplay. In fact, that’s presumably one of the major reasons this suggestion was made — to turn a negative into a positive.

But that suggestion was merely a pipe dream. That is, until Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Marc Whitten, posted this message on Twitter:

While he wouldn’t go into detail, Whitten did confirm that the new Kinect sensor is capable of scanning QR codes. He even cited the Reddit post directly, likely in an attempt to show Microsoft is listening to fans. Gamer feedback has had a big impact on the Xbox One’s promotional campaign – it had a major impact on the Xbox One used games reversal – and it’s nice to see that continue.

It’s important to mention, however, that while such a feature is possible with the new Kinect, that doesn’t mean Microsoft will introduce it. After all, one has to suspect the current-gen Kinect is fully capable of scanning QR codes.

Maybe Microsoft’s development team hadn’t thought of the extremely useful feature until now, and this Reddit post has got them thinking. Either way, we’d certainly like an easier way to redeem codes on both the Xbox One and PS4.

Do you hope that the Xbox One Kinect includes a feature for scanning game and DLC codes? Are there any other ways you can see Kinect making your life easier?

The Xbox One will release in fall 2013.

Source: Marc Whitten