Xbox head Phil Spencer reveals that the upcoming Project Scorpio will improve the visuals of certain existing Xbox One games during hectic action scenes.

To say that Project Scorpio has been divisive among gamers would be putting the matter lightly. While some are looking forward to the opportunity to acquire more powerful 4K gaming technology, others feel that it’s only speeding up the console cycle. While it was previously stated that gamers without 4K TVs won’t get the full Project Scorpio experience, a new statement reveals that some Xbox One games will play and look better on Project Scorpio.

Xbox head Phil Spencer sat down to an interview with Giant Bomb during E3 and discussed how Project Scorpio can potentially benefit existing Xbox One titles. Spencer explained that some games make use of a function called dynamic scaling in order to maintain a lag-free experience for players. In short, when the Xbox One’s processing power is pushed to its limit from hectic on-screen action, games that utilize dynamic scaling are designed to temporarily reduce their resolution to prevent lag and keep the frame rate at 60 FPS.

Project Scorpio, on the other hand, doesn’t need to utilize dynamic scaling, as its immense processing power is more than capable of handling busy game scenes. While Project Scorpio won’t make older games look like they were designed for 4K televisions, it will play games like Halo 5, The Division, and The Witcher 3 without dynamic scaling to maintain their highest possible resolutions while also holding steady at 60 FPS.

project scorpio microsoft processing hardware

Phil Spencer went on in the interview to say that gamers shouldn’t plan on buying Project Scorpio once it releases just to enjoy their current library of games. Since not every game utilizes dynamic scaling, Spencer doesn’t want to encourage gamers to upgrade just for that. While developers won’t be required to develop 4K resolution games for Project Scorpio, that’s where the true power of the console will come into play.

Chances are some gamers are still feeling a little torn about which console they should invest in. Gamers without a 4K television (which are still quite pricey) probably won’t want to put the investment into a Project Scorpio Xbox. However, Project Scorpio won’t release for quite a while yet, so gamers shouldn’t feel too pressured to make up their minds now. In any case, it’s good to know that gamers who already own the Xbox One may see their current library of games benefit from upgrading to the Project Scorpion.

Project Scorpio is due to release by the holiday season in 2017.

Source: Gamespot