10 Best Xbox One Games That Don't Require An Internet Connection

While modern technology has improved video games as a medium tremendously, it also means some people occasionally get left behind. For gamers without internet access or more commonly poor-quality internet service, many aspects of modern games can't be enjoyed by them.

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Luckily, as video games have improved as a whole, so have single-player experiences that don't require internet access. Despite almost launching as an online-only console, the Xbox One is now home to a wide selection of fantastic games that don't require an internet connection to enjoy.

10 Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey is not only one of the best games in the series, but it's also one of the best games of the current console generations. Join Kassandra or Alexios on this epic journey across Greece where adventures and mythology mix. This game is packed full of content, able to easily sustain over 60 hours of gameplay if not way more. The base game itself has tons of content plus plenty of DLC content as well. The only part of the game that would require the internet is the story-maker that was added well after release and doesn't have any relevance to the main game.

9 The Outer Worlds

A 2019 release, Obsidian's latest RPG is a fantastic spiritual-successor to Fallout New VegasJourney to Halcyon where, after being revived from cryo-sleep, you must help determine the fate of the colony. This game features fantastic writing and characters and is a must-play for any fan of RPGs. The game is on the shorter end of RPGs, running between 20-30 hours for a playthrough, but every moment of that is an awesome ride. Also one of the companions, Pavarti, is the most wholesome character to ever be in a video game and everyone should share an adventure with her.

8 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The (almost) undisputed game of the year from 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is as long as it is deep. This RPG epic is packed full of amazing stories and combat systems that any RPG lover would enjoy.

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Don't let the three deter you, this game is pretty easy to pick up without having played the other two titles, both of which are good but not nearly as good as this one. The game has no online features and plenty of gameplay to keep you entertained for hours.

7 Resident Evil 2

One of the truest video game remakes, Resident Evil 2 recaptures the magic of the original version into an incredibly modern horror game. This adventure sees Leon and Claire battle through the zombie-infested Raccoon City as they try to uncover the mystery of what happened. This game is gorgeous looking and incredibly scary. Every enemy feels like a threat and the Tyrant is a menacing force that follows you endlessly. This game is much shorter than some of the other titles in this list but it is incredibly worth playing and experiencing.

6 Control

The Twin Peaks inspired third-person shooter is a wild ride through sci-fi insanity that gets crazier and more interesting with every mission. The game sees Jesse Faden enter the Federal Bureau of Control, the federal agency in charge of dealing with incidents that defy the laws of reality. The bureau has been evaded by an enemy called the Hiss and she must deal with them to find her brother. This puzzle/shooter mystery is a bonkers adventure that is filled to the brim with lore. The game has tons to offer through its 15-20 hours of gameplay and shouldn't be overlooked just for being weird.

5 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The first great Star Wars game in a very long time, this game features one of the best stories in modern Star Wars. Following a padawan who survived the Jedi purge this action-adventure blends together the gameplay styles of many fantastic games.

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The exploration feels like Tomb Raider and the combat can be described as "Souls adjacent." Fighting through storm troopers to try and survive being found out and to complete the journey to becoming a Jedi knight. This challenging title is appealing to Star Wars fans of all types and a great game even if you don't enjoy that universe.

4 Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

One of the best "Metroidvania" style games to come out in recent years, this gothic 2D platformer has a beautiful art style to wrap together with its challenging combat and interesting story. This game is difficult, but it never feels like the game is cheating you. The puzzles and exploration of the game are very interesting and complex without being difficult to the point of halting progression. The game's follow-up Hollow Knight: Silksong is currently being developed so get your homework done now and play this fantastic title.

3 Stardew Valley

This Harvest Moon inspired game is the best version of the farm simulator games that exist and fantastic for everyone of any age. This title features every aspect from fishing to farming to mining to kindling relationships. The art style and the world are incredible, taking on a 2D style. This game has incredible depth and possibilities when it comes to how you go about earning a living and breathing life back into this small town. This game could easily absorb your life and entertain you for hours upon hours while you perfect your virtual farm.

2 Dishonored 2

Seeing a sequel improve upon the original in every aspect is a rare treat and Dishonored 2 fits that bill. Taking place some years after the first the story sees Emily usurped as the emperor and have to find a way to get back her place of power and her father.

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This game combines magic powers, stealth and puzzle-solving into an amazing blend of gameplay. Regardless if you have played the original or not, this game is a fantastic time for anyone who enjoys stealth games.

1 Rogue Legacy

One of many Rogue-"lite" games that have been released during the current console generation, Rogue Legacy is a phenomenal 2D combat platformer where anyone can be a hero. Members of a long family line must brave the castle, eventually dying, but gaining gold and upgrades along the way. Each family member has their own pros and cons, allowing for each run-through to be unique and still allow for some progress to be made. Even though the game requires a ton of dying, the upgrade system rewards every attempt, to avoid the feeling of bashing your head into a wall.

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