As Microsoft continues to build on the existing operating system of its Xbox One console, one highly requested feature may soon be made available for gamers in the form of gifting. According to Corporate Vice President of Xbox and Windows gaming platforms at Microsoft, Mike Ybarra, the ability to gift digitally purchased items to friends on Xbox One games is en route and “not far” – but he failed to clarify exactly when consumers could expect that option.

This information arrived through a recent interaction on Twitter between Ybarra and user Stefan K, when the latter individual pressed the former on when fans may be able to expect gifting on Microsoft’s current dedicated gaming console. While specifics are lacking in regards to Ybarra’s statement, it’s at least reassuring to know that plans for such a system are in place and being worked on, presumably, at this very moment.

Microsoft has a number of projects currently in the works for gamers, with the Xbox One X being a massive undertaking for the company. The gamer-focussed hardware is set to be the most powerful gaming console ever made when it releases later this November, and that effort is sure to tie in with some of the more grandiose offerings and features that the company has in development from the OS side of things.

Perhaps the ability to gift purchases to friends via Xbox Live will arrive alongside the hotly anticipated Xbox Avatar update. This is, of course, just speculation at this point in time, but it sounds like a major update is en route for the hardware at in the immediate future. Hopefully more details will be released in the near future, but for now consumers can rest easy knowing that they can get last minute, digital gifts for Xbox friends and the like sooner rather than later.

Source: Mike Ybarra – Twitter