Xbox One Adding 60fps GameDVR Capture

By | 1 year ago 

One of the benefits of the digital age is that game consoles can continue to evolve through system software updates long after they hit store shelves. Microsoft has been especially active in this area, with Xbox One receiving new features and improvements nearly every month since launch, resulting in a console that is constantly tweaking itself to match the desires of its users.

In order to make sure these updates work properly, Microsoft beta tests the new features through the Xbox One Preview program. This program allows select users to test out key features set to be added to the system in future updates, so many of these features are widely known before they are even officially announced.

The latest feature reportedly issued to Preview members is 60FPS GameDVR capture. GameDVR has been a part of the Xbox One since launch, but the service was previously limited to 30fps. This 60fps upgrade will greatly improve video quality captured with GameDVR on Xbox One.

It’s unknown if the 60fps GameDVR will launch to the general public as a part of the May update, or if they are saving it for next month’s June update. However, since Preview members already have access to the 60fps GameDVR, expect it to be coming sooner rather than later. Typically, whenever Preview members have access to a new feature, it is released to everyone else shortly thereafter.

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It’s nice to see Xbox One’s GameDVR capture capabilities improved, but the system’s DVR capabilities may be getting an even bigger boost in the future. In an effort to cement itself as more than just a game console, but rather an entertainment hub, Xbox One will reportedly be adding TV DVR capabilities to its suite of features. TV DVR would certainly pair well with the GameDVR already in place.

Whether or not TV DVR actually sees the light of day on Xbox One remains to be seen. However, E3 is right around the corner, and such a major addition to the console’s functionality would almost certainly creep up during their press conference this year. Microsoft usually uses E3 to roll out plans for major system updates to go along with their usual game announcements and reveals, so expect info on not just the rumored TV DVR, but info on other major updates planned for the system throughout the rest of the year as well.

60fps GameDVR probably doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to many. After all, there are much bigger updates in store for Xbox One in the future, such as the highly anticipated DirectX 12 update (which promises to increase the system’s user interface speed, among other things) and potentially the rumored TV DVR. Even so, the smaller additions still showcase Microsoft’s commitment to constantly improve Xbox One throughout its lifespan.

Source: GameSpot