Microsoft Hiring for AAA Free-to-Play Game Based on Successful IP

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The dawn of the next generation of video games is upon the masses. With the PlayStation 4 set to launch in less than 24 hours, gamers are understandably hyped to jump into the first batch of next-gen games. Shortly after, the Xbox One will join the PS4 at retailers and with it comes a slew of exclusive games. So many exclusives, in fact, that Microsoft is estimated to have spent roughly $1 billion dollars in securing them for the successor of the Xbox 360.

It sounds like there will be more than enough content for the Xbox One at launch, but Microsoft is also putting plans into motion to keep a steady stream of software flowing to consumers. While some first-party games are already confirmed for the system — Titanfall being among one of the most heavily anticipated — a recent job posting on Microsoft’s site reveals that a successful IP will be returning with a new free-to-play demeanour.

The job posting is for a Program Manager and details regarding the position can be found below:

“Microsoft Studios is looking for an experienced Technical Producer to drive the future of gaming through a hybrid of AAA quality games and service-based experiences, technology, and business models. You will work with external game developers and an internal team of cross-discipline employees in Microsoft’s Xbox organization.”

“RESPONSIBILITIES: Lead the production, execution and integration of key technologies and features necessary to support the service components of a new game based on an existing, successful Microsoft Studios IP.”

Free-to-play has had an increasingly prominent role in today’s video game industry and the business model likely won’t be going away anytime soon. As Microsoft further explores the F2P option as a viable tactic for future games, it’ll be interesting to see how successful the model does on next-gen hardware. Even more intriguing is what the identity of this establish property could be.

Rare’s Killer Instinct has taken the same approach in terms of offering base content for free and additional characters for extra money, which just goes to show that this latest game could be of any genre. Only time will tell what Microsoft has up its sleeve for this mysterious AAA blockbuster, so stay tuned to Game Rant for more details as they become available.

What do you hope the new F2P games is, Ranters? Which classic Microsoft property do you think best fits the free-to-play model?

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Source: Microsoft Careers (via DualShockers)