Xbox One: The Top 5 Must-Own Exclusives (& 5 You Should Skip)

As much as Xbox gamers will hate to admit it, the Xbox One just doesn’t have many exclusive games for them to sink their teeth into. Firstly, the Xbox One generally only has console exclusives, as just about every one of its games is also on PC. Still, there are some definitively quality games that have been released for the system. 

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As mentioned before, games that are also available on PC are still considered exclusive as no other console has them other than the Xbox One. In this list, we’ve singled out 5 games that should be your first choice if you’ve just got the system and 5 other games that you should steer clear from at all times.

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10 Must-Own: Halo 5: Guardians

None of the Halo games following Xbox 360’s Halo 3 have quite lived up to the standard set by that game, but there’s no doubt that Halo 5: Guardians is easily the best first-person shooter to grace the Xbox One.

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Featuring Master Chief as the main protagonist - a character you just can’t go wrong with - along with the addition of another player character, Halo 5: Guardians has fans guessing where the story will take them next throughout the campaign mode, providing an edge-of-your-seat entertainment. Its tried-and-tested gameplay formula remains just as evergreen as before, and fans are amped up for Halo Infinite to better this game’s performance.

9 Skip: Ryse: Son Of Rome

The Xbox console has badly been missing a third-person game series to take up the role as a system-seller, and Ryse: Son of Rome represents a failed attempt at starting a franchise that would have rivaled Sony’s God of War

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The only thing going for this game are the visuals, whose praise was a given seeing as Ryse: Son of Rome was a launch title for a then-new Xbox One. Gameplay is extremely basic, to the point where you’re just button-mashing without giving strategy any thought. If you’ve played the first few minutes of the game, then you’ve basically played the whole thing seeing as it’s so repetitive.

8 Must-Own: Forza Horizon 4

Now, Forza is one series that has proven to be better than Sony’s Gran Turismo and continues its rise as an apex racing simulator series. Truth be told, you could pick up any Forza game and consider it as one of the best Xbox exclusives; Horizon 4 deserves special mention due to being a great game late into the Xbox One’s life.

It also delivered new seasons as a feature within the game, meaning that you can cruise your car around several different times of the year and have an authentic experience. Being a simulator, it’s like you’re really out there in the world with your choice of over 450 cars.

7 Skip: Crimson Dragon

Games that aim to bring in a unique setting are always in danger of becoming a template change for a generic genre style, and Crimson Dragon is guilty of falling prey to this. It’s like you’re playing a drive-by shooting game only with dragons to ride on. 

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There’s also the problem of the graphics looking like they came out in 2005, and not as a launch title for the Xbox One. Like it was the case with Ryse: Son of Rome, this game suffers from a repetitive quality wherein you just have to go through the same motions to accomplish the same things.

6 Must-Own: Gears Of War 4

More of the same isn’t a bad thing when that’s what fans want, and Gears of War 4 delivered the style of entertainment it had so effectively delivered in the previous generation onto the Xbox One. 

Criticism was laid out over its rather unspectacular story mode, but the multiplayer remained well received as was the tradition with Gears of War. You won’t find any surprises here compared to previous games, but exclusives on this system don’t get better than Gears of War 4 as it packs in big moments galore and consistently keeps the pace up.

5 Skip: Sea Of Thieves

When developing a pirate-based game, developers need to sail in completely deep to have a game that lives out its setting; while Sea of Thieves does feel that way, it lacks in depth. On the surface, you do live out life as a pirate, but it’s just so boring. 

A mistake on the game’s part was to make this a first-person adventure, when it should have been something like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. There’s just not much for you to do after the first hour, and even calling it repetitive wouldn’t be using the right word because you don’t repeat what you did before in the game. Sea of Thieves doesn’t deserve to be called a full game; rather, it’s more of a side offering.

4 Must-Own: Sunset Overdrive

Xbox gamers will have to eat up Sunset Overdrive for all its worth, because Insomniac will not be releasing anymore games for the system now that Sony owns the studio. Sunset Overdrive was the perfect gift, though, as it features a uniquely funny setting. 

More than the gameplay elements, you’ll be entertained by the cast and characters here as the comedic element is akin to the Ratchet & Clank series. The combat does a well enough job, but it’s exploring the world that is the fun part of the game.

3 Skip: Quantum Break

Did we just play a game or did we just watch a television show? That’s the question that players will have after they’re done with Quantum Break, which tried to replicate the formula used by games like Heavy Rain and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

You don’t get to appreciate the gameplay, not when the story insists upon you getting so far into the setting that you even forget at times that you’re supposed to be playing a game. Overall, it’s more fun to go onto YouTube and check out Quantum Break’s story at length rather than watch it in blocks as the gameplay feels needless.

2 Must-Own: Ori And The Blind Forest

There are those gamers who stopped playing because they favored the old style of games more, and there are those who like to play the simple style featured in mobile games. Both of these fanbases will be satisfied with Ori and the Blind Forest, which serves to satisfy gamers who just want a fun time without things getting too complex.

It’s like those games you find on a mobile app store and is reminiscent of classics like Metroid Prime and Castelvania. It’s visually dazzling and makes you feel like a smart alec when you solve the puzzles featured, making Ori and the Blind Forest one of the very few quality indie games on the Xbox One.

1 Skip: State Of Decay 2

The zombie genre is similar to the pirate genre in that the game needs to go all-out into the dystopian world to feel authentic. State of Decay 2 feels more like a sloppily constructed map that you’re thrown in with the idea that you have to accept it for what it is. 

There’s too many buggy features for one to feel at ease, and the game tends to have glitches at various points that completely takes away the fun aspect of it. There’s not enough variety in gameplay either, as feeling like a scavenger doesn’t come across as exciting when you started out a couple hours ago.

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