Microsoft's Xbox One Earns An Emmy Award

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There are many news items that people don't expect to see on any given day. Within the video game industry in particular, anything involving Half-Life 3 or the return of the Sega Dreamcast will probably fit that list. Something else that no one anticipated hearing? The words "Xbox One" and Emmy" in the same sentence. Yet that one has actually happened - recently too.

Believe it or not, the Xbox One earned an Emmy for Television Enhancement Devices this past Thursday during the 66th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards, as presented by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. On the official Xbox Wire blog, Microsoft revealed that its Xbox One console received the award, not because of any Halo show done in the past, but for the system's "industry-leading television-on-demand and media center capabilities." This covers features like OneGuide, which allows people to watch live TV while utilizing other apps and features, as well as all the other media apps the console offers -which are a lot.

In fact, Sling TV (yet another media service) is also coming to the Xbox One soon. For $20/month users will get a wide range of channels, video-on-demand, and internet video. Whatever criticism may be levelled against the Xbox One's launch, it gives people a lot of media options.

It's interesting that Microsoft would be praised for its media efforts, when both the company and Xbox One system were heavily criticized prior to launch for focusing too much on media instead of games. With regards to the award, however, the company stated that it was "proud to be awarded this honor." One previously awarded to other notable technology companies like Apple, TiVo, Roku, and Sony.

OneGuide on Xbox One

While games may be the main driving force behind these current-gen systems, it's hard to deny that Microsoft may have a good thing going with their media plans. And Sony is undoubtedly paying attention. Although, the company doesn't need to compete for this particular award, seeing as how it's already earned it in the past.

The Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards were held during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, where it's been held for the last nine years. That said, how many of you were aware of the existence of the Emmy for Television Enhancement Devices before today?

Source: Xbox Wire

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