Microsoft confirms a bit of disappointing news for those Xbox One players looking for a serious upgrade for their controllers and console gaming experience.

The Xbox One Elite Controller is one of the few instances in recent memory where a luxury item not only lived up to the hype surrounding it, but exceeded it. A lot of gamers seem to share the same opinion regarding the product, and the consensus suggests that the Xbox One Elite Controller is the best controller available. Unfortunately, that positive reception from the gaming community has led to a massive shortage in supply for Microsoft’s aesthetically pleasing upgrade to the standard Xbox One controller model, and a recent report confirmed that the Xbox One Elite Controller will remain scarce for a few more months.

Microsoft confirmed that the controller would not see a significant influx in units available until a March 2016 window. Although Phil Spencer explained why the Xbox One Elite Controller keeps selling out a month ago, his comments seemed to indicate Microsoft only expected a shortage for the holiday season, leading some to believe supply might increase very early into the new year. Unfortunately, it now seems that gamers unwilling or unable to diligently check with retailers nearly every day for a restock will have to wait until spring to have a realistic chance of picking the premium controller up.

Anticipation for the Xbox One Elite Controller’s release in October wasn’t anything abnormal for a premium product like a higher-end controller, but the response upon release has been surprising. The original run of Xbox One Elites sold out just one week after their release as fans answered the question of who would want such an expensive controller loudly and quickly.

Many in the gaming industry thought the $150 USD price tag attached to the controller would hinder its sales and relegate it to a one-time premium release, but apparently Xbox One gamers are more than willing to shell out some cash to experience the best comfort and performance gaming has to offer.

Of course, there are a few options for those who don’t want to wait until March for a bigger shipment of controllers. The Xbox One Elite Controller does continue to restock weekly, although it will likely continue to sell out just as quickly as it has previously. The Xbox One Elite Bundle is also a nice option for those without the console yet, as it features a 1TB hard drive and the elusive Elite Controller as well.

xbox one elite controller close up d-pad

While spending $500 on a console and controller bundle might be a little excessive, it is likely the best chance gamers will have to pick up the Xbox One Elite Controller prior to the March 2016 time frame Microsoft has provided. Patience, as is often the case with premium products, will probably have to be necessary for those who want to experience the next big thing in console controller quality.

Are you willing to spend $150 on a controller if it means a big quality of life upgrade? Does the Xbox One Elite Controller give Microsoft a noticeable edge over the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Tech Insider