Xbox One Elite Controller Sells Out, Limited Supply in November

By | 12 months ago 

Microsoft warns of limited supplies of the Xbox One Elite Controller for the rest of the month of November, as the controller has sold out at most retailers.

At E3 2015, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One Elite Controller, a $150 beast that allows players to remap buttons as well as swap thumbsticks and d-pads. While the hardcore gaming crowd seemed impressed, many were left scratching their heads, wondering, “Who would want a $150 controller?” As it turns out, a lot of people do.

The Xbox One Elite Controller released last week in time for Halo 5: Guardians, but it has now sold out at most retailers. Microsoft says they will be replenishing supplies of the Xbox One Elite Controller every week, but even so, consumers should expect the controller to be available in limited quantities for the rest of November. This is in spite of button remapping coming to all Xbox One controllers soon, which was one of the main selling points pushed by Microsoft during the device’s reveal at E3.

Microsoft released a statement to GamesBeat about the success of the Elite Controller:

“We’re thrilled at the amount of interest we’ve received for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.We are working quickly to get more units of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller in the hands of fans, and look forward to replenishing inventory in time for the holidays.”

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Even though gamers may be having difficulties finding the standalone controller, there is another way to acquire one, though it probably should only be considered an option for those that don’t already own an Xbox One. Launching today is the Xbox One Elite Bundle, which includes a 1TB hard drive along with the Elite Controller.

The downside to this bundle is that there are no free games included with it, making it far less appealing than the bundle that includes 36 unique games, for example. That being said, the $150 price tag of the Elite Controller still makes the Xbox One Elite Bundle a smart buy for those that are looking to pick up Microsoft’s 8th generation console and want the controller as well.

It’s a good sign for Microsoft that the Xbox One Elite Controller is selling well despite its hefty asking price. With this unique controller, a number of appealing holiday bundles, and the biggest exclusive game of the holiday season at their disposal, Microsoft may very well have the strongest selling console for the next couple of months.

What do you think of the $150 Xbox One Elite Controller? Are you planning on buying one, or would you rather spring for the cheaper, more traditional Xbox One controller? Sound off in the comments below and give us your thoughts on the Xbox One’s expensive Elite Controller.

Source: GameSpot