When Microsoft launched the Xbox One Elite Controller at the end of 2015 many regarded it as the company’s most opulent console peripheral yet. Others, like Game Rant’s own Riley Little, even went so far as to call it the best controller on the market in his review — and for good reason. Featuring an interchangeable D-Pad (with both faceted and standard options included), rear paddle buttons, and thumb sticks, as well as hair trigger locks, limitless in-app customization, and an improved fit that keeps players in mind, the Xbox One Elite Controller quickly became a fan-favorite among Xbox gamers and PC aficionados alike. The only problem was that the controller’s luxurious build also came with a steep price tag.

But that has since changed. Over on the Amazon UK website, the Xbox One Elite Controller has gotten a major discount, with the cost dropping down from its launch prince of £150 ($196.96 USD / $247.22 CAD / $253.71 AUD) to just £99.99 ($131.29 USD / $164.73 CAD / $169.12 AUD) — its lowest price yet. Amazon Prime members will get free shipping along with the slashed-in-price controller, which is a nice bonus.

xbox one elite controller amazon uk discount
Those who were tapped into the Xbox market a few years ago will know that anticipation for the Xbox One Elite Controller was high, which is nothing too out of the ordinary for such a premium product. However, the original run of the controllers sold out just a week after release, with fans confirming to skeptics that yes, they do want higher-end controller, and no, the price tag doesn’t necessarily matter. Xbox One gamers made it loud and clear that they were willing to shell out big bucks to experience improved comfort and performance, perhaps the best any company has offered in a console.

Since then, the shine hasn’t necessarily faded from Xbox One Elite Controller, with many still holding it in high esteem, but with new systems like the Xbox One X gearing up to hit retail shelves, players’ attention has been diverted from it. Now that the upscale controller is more affordable than ever before, eyes are shifting back to the product, as it seems the perfect time to pick up a peripheral that has been sitting on many people’s wishlist for almost two years.

The Xbox One Elite Controller is available now.

Source: Amazon UK