Xbox One Elite Bundle Comes With 1TB Hard Drive This November

By | 1 year ago 

It’s no secret that the Xbox One didn’t get off to the greatest start upon its launch in November 2013. This was the result of several missteps that included an always-online policy and the inability to share games, which many were quick to brand as an anti-consumer move. The end result has left the console lagging behind the competition, but the platform’s manufacturer, Microsoft, has taken big steps to try to demonstrate to gamers that the Xbox One is well worth their time and money.

While the company plans on making good with several blockbuster releases in the coming months, including the likes of Halo 5: Guardians and the timed-exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider, Microsoft has just announced a brand new SKU aimed at diehard gamers. Basing it off of the previously announced Elite controller, this package has aptly been titled the ‘Xbox One Elite Bundle’ and it’ll be arriving this November.

As the official name for the package implies, it comes toting the much anticipated Elite controller, which gamers can then customize to their heart’s content. Setting aside the inclusion of the otherwise spendy gamepad, the Xbox One console itself is a little bit different than the tech that current owners have become familiar with. For starters, it features a one terabyte Solid State Hybrid Drive, which allows for access to content up to 20% faster from energy-saving mode and claims to deliver an “improved performance”.

By storing items on the fastest portion of the hard drive, gamers are said to be able to access their content a lot faster. Of course, Microsoft is also using the announcement of an enhanced hard drive to calm concerns that some have in anticipation of the impending backward compatibility update – assuring fans that they’ll have ample room for their Xbox 360 games thanks to the newly implemented 1TB SSHD hard drive.

For those curious, the new Xbox One Elite Bundle is set to arrive at retailers on November 3, 2015 and is expected to cost $499.99 USD upon its arrival. It’s a rather nice deal for gamers looking to buckle down with the platform for the imminent onslaught of triple-A titles on the horizon, thanks largely to the Elite controller and spacious hard drive.

Xbox One Lunar White Controller

Not content with just that news, Microsoft also announced something that current Xbox One owners will have to look forward to in the form of the ‘Lunar White Xbox One Controller’. This simple looking controller gives gamers a more regal aesthetic to gum up with a mix of sweaty palms and Cheetos residue, but more importantly it’s something a little different looking to have occupying space on their coffee tables. The white and gold accessory is set to arrive in late September for $64.99 USD, and will be exclusive to GameStop.

What do you think of the Xbox One Elite Bundle? Are you tempted to snag the Lunar White Xbox One Controller? Get at us in the comments.