Microsoft Releases Teaser Trailer for Xbox One Media Briefing

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It won’t be long now until gamers are treated to a nearly unfathomable number of gaming-related reveals and announcements. With the next generation of console gaming just around the corner, this year’s E3 should prove to be one of the best in recent memory. As each company attempts to blow consumers away as they begin vying for a spot in living rooms across the globe, it’s safe to say that there will be a lot of attention focused on Microsoft following its less-than-stellar Xbox One reveal.

Heralded as a flop by a majority of gamers for its lack of focus on software, along with confusing answers from Microsoft execs regarding the Xbox One’s used-game policies, the Xbox One has a lot of face to save once E3 2013 rears its head. While Microsoft has promised that its conference will drop the TV shtick to focus purely on the system’s software, and to prove it’ll be packing heat (without giving away too many surprises) the company has released a teaser trailer for its forthcoming media briefing.

Recapping previously confirmed games for its next-gen format (i.e. Battlefield 4, Forza 5, Quantum Break, EA Sports titles, and Dark Souls 2), the trailer does a good job at reconfirming Microsoft’s intention to really focus on the software side of things. There will, of course, be plenty of surprises accompanying these previously unveiled titles, but there’s a couple of interesting images that pop up during the teaser.

Microsoft E3 2013 Teaser Trailer

What will strike many a fan as odd  is the appearance of popular Xbox 360 titles such as Halo 4 and Gears of War: Judgment — both of which have been available for several months already. What would be the point of including both games if new installments in each respective series weren’t on the precipice of relevancy for this year’s E3 showing. It’s entirely possible that Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 may be on the verge of an unveiling, which makes Microsoft’s press conference all the more tantalizing in theory.

Thus far only a handful of surprises have been confirmed, the return of a “historic” Rare IP on Xbox One being the most prominent, so it’ll be intriguing to see what Microsoft and its partners have in store for next week’s big event. Microsoft will be having its E3 2013 showcase on June 10th; meaning the wait for more details on the Xbox One aren’t far away.

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