Microsoft execs were taken aback by the mixed reactions from the vocal online gaming community to the unveiling of the Xbox One. In flying down gaming press to announce the Xbox 360 successor, the presentation instead focused mostly on TV, a sports deal, a Halo TV series and only one new game (Quantum Break) – and that one didn’t even have gameplay shown.

With the PS4 – still shrouded in mystery as well – having been announced by Sony months early with the proclamation that it’s designed purely for the gamer in mind, the buzz was shifting away from Microsoft. With E3 2013 fast approaching, both sides are seemingly listening to the feedback and making last-minute adjustments to their strategies.

Microsoft dug themselves into a bit of a hole, not because of their weak presentation design, but because of how they mishandled the media afterwards. In interviews, confusing and contradictory answers were given about the online features/requirements/restrictions the Xbox One places on users and it resulted in a bit of an uproar and an equal amount of memes. Check out the video up top to see what we mean. 6 million+ others already have.

Xbox One Controller Buttons Close-up

The reactions to the Xbox One unveiling may be changing Sony’s stance on used games and online requirements, and it’s launched a full-blown fan campaign. Larry Hryb AKA Major Nelson, Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, responded to a user posting links to the anti-DRM movement:

“We’re fully aware of what is going on. I am also working on a few things to address it. I can’t say much more right now. But we ARE listening.”

And today on Twitter, he responded to a gamer asking if the Xbox keynote at E3 will be all about TV, to which he said no, not at all.

I’m willing to bet a decent sum of money that TV was definitely a part of the original schedule. Just look at the last three Xbox E3 press conferences to see how much time Xbox Live programming, deals with TV networks and Kinect social stuff got. And this is good. It means they’re listening to fans, both on the game front and – potentially – the DRM/always-online/used games front too.

For gamers curious about the super black, cubic design of the Xbox One console. Here’s a neat (unofficial) 3D model someone put together which may answer some of your questions about dimensions and ports:

The Xbox One is promised to get 15 exclusive games from Microsoft Game Studios in its first year – who vow to invest a billion dollars in next-gen games, their most ever. They promise to “kill Sony” this year at E3 so let’s see if they deliver. It’s a fun time to be a gamer.

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