The tech company Microsoft officially announces its decision to put the release of the Xbox One’s originally planned DVR for over-the-air TV feature on hold.

Last year, during the gamescom event back in August 2015, Microsoft announced that it would be providing Xbox One owners with a free DVR feature for over-the-air TV in 2016, which piqued the interest of critics and fans alike. Now, however, it seems as if the company has decided to stick firmly beside its decision to make gaming the main priority with its Xbox One console, as the multinational is no longer releasing the feature for the time being.

Per Microsoft’s original plans for the Xbox One, fans would have been able to schedule recordings whenever it suited them, and could have streamed or downloaded shows to mobile devices and other PCs running the Windows 10 operating system, but as previously reported, it started development on the DVR feature that would have only been limited to free-to-air television instead. Interestingly enough, the company seemed to be all in with the concept, for it even went so far as to manufacture digital TV tuners in both Europe and the United States as a means to support the feature.

Nevertheless, when speaking to The Verge, a spokesperson for Microsoft has officially clarified that the tech firm has shifted its position on the issue and will be postponing the DVR feature for the Xbox One indefinitely. For those interested, the statement from the company regarding the matter can be found in full below.

“After careful consideration, we’ve decided to put development of DVR for Over-the-Air TV on hold to focus our attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming experiences across Xbox One and Windows 10. We’re always listening to fan feedback and we look forward to bringing more requested experiences on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Live this year.”


What Microsoft means by “higher fan-requested gaming experiences” is anyone’s guess at this point, but with rumors rumbling about an upgraded Xbox One named Scorpio—which is supposedly more powerful than the original console—it’s possible the company is intent on finishing that hardware first before the details for DVR are finalized. Not to mention, with E3 2016 just several days away, Microsoft could very well unveil the new system at the expo.

At any rate, it remains to be seen as to whether or not the postponement of Xbox One’s DVR feature is permanent. However, based on Microsoft’s previous business decisions to have its console focus primarily on games, such as the move to make Kinect optional and the resolution to shut down its television and movie branch known as Xbox Entertainment Studios, it’s highly likely that the company won’t implement the DVR feature for quite a while, if at all.

What do you think about Microsoft delaying the release of the Xbox One’s DVR feature? Are you disappointed by the company’s decision to hold off on putting it out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The next major exclusive release slated for the Xbox One is Gears of War 4, which is scheduled to come out on October 11, 2016.

Source: The Verge