Xbox One DVR Requires an External HDD to Work

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During Microsoft’s press conference at Gamescom 2015 earlier this week, the tech firm mostly played it safe by focusing on the Xbox One‘s upcoming exclusive titles, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer had previously claimed they would. However, by dropping some surprises, like their new Chatpad coming in November, the company definitely managed to raise some eyebrows. On top of the mini-QWERTY keyboard’s announcement, Microsoft also revealed, to much excitement, the long-rumored inclusion of the next-gen console getting free TV DVR in 2016.

Ever since the outset of the Xbox One‘s production, Microsoft has continually asserted that the system will be every true gamer’s dream device as far comprehensive home entertainment consoles go. However, the corporation’s claims were without a doubt hyperbolic, as the console missed the mark on day one by not including some much-wanted launch features. Nevertheless, the incorporation of the upcoming DVR component is indeed impressive, but it’s important to note that extra steps will need to be taken so as to make the DVR fully-functional.

For starters, an official Microsoft spokesperson has now confirmed that in order to record over-the-air television properly, gamers must have an external hard drive plugged into their Xbox Ones. As a matter of fact, while speaking during an address on the Xbox One’s Dashboard overhaul, project lead Richard Irving makes it clear that TV footage will not be recorded directly to the console’s internal hard drive when people utilize the DVR.

Regarding the matter, Irving says:

“You need an external hard-drive specifically for DVR because we want to keep the [storage] paths optimized between playing games and watching TV. We don’t want them to interact with each other.”

Xbox One in Black

Bearing this in mind, the decision to separate the feature from the Xbox One’s main memory source and limit it to an external HDD is quite practical, as the console’s standard storage is 500 GB, and that amount can hardly support several games as it is. Even so, fans must also have a digital TV tuner, which makes for yet another expense required just to tape a television episode that can probably be watched sometime later as a re-run or be streamed online via content providers like Hulu or HBO Go.

Regardless, should Xbox One fans wish to make use of the new DVR feature, they ought to be pleased to know that the highest resolution of over-the-air TV recordings will be the same quality of the actual broadcast, including programs at 1080p. Also, after all of the system’s forthcoming updates are completed, people will eventually have the ability to transfer TV show files onto devices running Windows 10. At any rate, with all of these additions, it seems as if Microsoft is finally making good on its promises to make the Xbox One the perfect all-around media center for users, but only time will tell if the features properly pan out.

What do you think about the Xbox One’s new TV DVR feature? Is it something that makes you more inclined to use the console as an all-in-one entertainment platform, or do you believe the additional hardware required to make it work is just a hassle?

The Xbox One‘s subscription-free DVR feature is set to be available for Microsoft fans some time in 2016.

Source: GameSpot (via VG 24/7)