In anticipation of the Xbox One S release, Microsoft discounts the Xbox One again, with the prices both 500GB and 1TB bundles being cut significantly.

During its E3 2016 press conference, Microsoft confirmed the rumors of a new model of the Xbox One, announcing the Xbox One S. Slimmer than the previously available version of the console, the Xbox One S features support for HDR gaming and 4K video as well. However, as Microsoft aims to get people buying the Xbox One S, it begs the question of how is the company going to shift its stock of existing Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft’s answer to the problem is to discount the console, as the company has now made the 500GB model of the Xbox One just $279. Moreover, this discount doesn’t just cover the base model as prospective Xbox One buyers can pick up any Xbox One bundle that features the 500GB model of the console (excluding the Xbox One + Kinect Bundle, according to the Microsoft Store) for that price. If buyers feel the 500GB model doesn’t offer enough storage room, Xbox One 1TB model bundles are also being dropped to $299. The discounts is for customers in the United States and lasts until October 1.


It’s hard to imagine that those on the fence about buying an Xbox One will remain much there much longer. While this isn’t the first time that Microsoft has slashed the price of its console this year (the company’s last promotional offer only ended on June 13), those who have put off the decision to buy an Xbox One may find it difficult to resist. This is especially the case when it’s considered that Microsoft offers a 1TB Xbox One bundle that comes with several games (including popular release Halo 5: Guardians) which makes that $279 price a steal.

Moreover, Microsoft’s solid presentation at E3 may also get more people buying in anticipation of the Xbox One’s biggest games. For example, Sea of Thieves’ multiplayer gameplay impressed as it showed a group of players on the high seas and the Scalebound gameplay trailer featured a huge boss battle, exciting fans who were already looking forward to the RPG/action title. There were also well-received showings from Gear of Wars 4, Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2 and more.

Assuming that Microsoft is successful with its latest Xbox One deal, it’s possible that after months of being beaten (in terms of sales) by the Sony PS4, the company will finally be able to make up some ground. While Sony may have had a decent E3 as well, the big money savings combined with the hype surrounding the Xbox One’s future titles may finally provide Microsoft with a winning combination.