Xbox One Dashboard Update Video Details The New Home Screen

By | 12 months ago 

Microsoft releases a video showing off the updated look of the Xbox One dashboard along with the new features and functionality players can expect from the upcoming update.

With the major update scheduled to release in ten days, Microsoft has released a brand new video featuring Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb and Xbox engineer Richard Irving going over the finer details of the new Xbox One dashboard experience. The video takes a deeper look at the home screen, revealing how it has been redesigned to be less cluttered and more user-friendly, with an emphasis on vertical scrolling.

The Windows 10 powered dashboard has been optimized to be 50% faster and many familiar elements have been moved into the guide section on the left hand side of the screen, rather than scrolling to a completely new window on the right. By moving to the left, players can quickly access their friends list, party window, messages, notifications, and settings. When playing a game, the players can call up the guide pressing the Xbox button on the middle of the controller twice as well.

While the dashboard is getting a visual overhaul, most fans are excited about backward compatibility making its debut as well. At launch, Microsoft has promised that the compatibility list will have over one hundred titles available, with more being added over time. What’s even better is that Microsoft has also confirmed that all future Xbox 360 Games with Gold will be backward compatible , allowing Xbox One fans to download and play as soon as they’re available.

The initial backward compatibility list is still being finalized prior to the update release, but more and more developers are working to bring older titles to Xbox One players. Games like Rainbow Six Siege and Fallout 4 are also giving Xbox One players access to previous titles in those series, and more recently, Criterion has confirmed that it’s currently working with Microsoft to add Burnout Paradise to the backward compatibility list for some time in 2016.

Interestingly enough, even with all the developer and publisher support backward compatibility has received so far, Activition remains a holdout, choosing not to join the growing list of supporters. While many fans were hoping to see previous Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare or the very first Black Ops make it on the list, chances are looking slim for that to happen.

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The Xbox One Dashboard Update releases on November 12.

Source: Xbox YouTube