We can’t say it’s the ceremonial unveiling of the Xbox One dashboard we had hoped for, but thanks to an online leak, gamers can see the user interface for Microsoft‘s next console in action.

Strongly styled after the Windows 8 ‘Metro’ visuals – a series of tiles that were already seen impacting the most recent incarnation of the Xbox 360’s dash – the new dashboard functions largely as it was shown to in the company’s first reveal, and confirming which features are already a reality.

Besides offering yet another look at the new Xbox One controller, the video gives a cursory glance at the new dashboard – not too dissimilar from both the existing Xbox 360 dashboard, and even closer in design to the current Windows 8 layout. Unfortunately the video demonstration isn’t as in depth as the one given to media at Gamescom 2013, but does give fans an idea of what to expect.

Worth pointing out is the fact that a game (in this case, Ryse: Son of Rome) can be minimized with a press of the Xbox’s ‘Home’ button, but remain running among the rest of the dashboard’s tiles. Microsoft has yet to fully detail exactly which of the functions shown during their official announcement event are going to be available at launch, and which are merely in the conceptual stage, but running a game in the background while navigating seems to have already been implemented.

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It’s not clear exactly how the uploader of the video, ‘Jackson Carter’ came into possession of an Xbox One, but since Microsoft has already begun its program of beta-testing the consoles with the company’s own employees, we’d wager a family member works for Microsoft (and may have a tough time at work come Monday).

Carter makes mention that the system still contains a few “bugs,” which is expected at this point – since Microsoft has over two months to streamline the user interface, we’re not worried. Besides, they’ve got enough nagging questions to deal with: the new Xbox Live rewards system, deciding on the fate of the ‘shared library’ detailed prior to their DRM policy changes, and whether fans should get their hopes up for backwards compatibility.

What do you think of the new interface? Were you expecting the Xbox One dashboard to be modeled after the Window 8 style, or hoping it would more closely resemble that new SmartGlass interface? Leave your own thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned to see how Microsoft responds to the leak.


The Xbox One launches November 22, 2013 in North America.

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Source: The Verge