First Custom Designed Xbox One Controllers Ship

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If you're an Xbox fan who has ordered a custom controller from the Xbox Design Lab, it won't be long until you recieve it as the first batch have already shipped.

If you were one of the first customers to order a custom Xbox One controller from the Xbox Design Lab, chances are, your dream design is already on its way.

Earlier this year, during E3 2016, Microsoft revealed that they would be offering a brand new service to Xbox gamers, one that allowed full customization of their controller for a small additional cost. Using the Xbox Design Lab, fans of the console can design their own custom controllers to fit their own preferences - and they've just begun to ship.

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The very first orders were dispatched on August 26 and should arrive by early September. If you've ordered a controller that hasn't yet shipped, Microsoft claims that the next batch aren't far behind. At present, the service is only offered in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, but Microsoft is working to make the Xbox Design Lab available to more regions some time in 2017.

For those wondering how much these custom controllers will set them back, the standard customized pad retails for $80, with an extra 16-character engraving available for an additional $10. It's certainly pricey, but 3rd party custom controllers have been available in the past for far more, and at least the quality can be guarenteed with Microsoft behind the wheel.

The new controllers will also work with the new Xbox One S console, as well as the standard Xbox One. Thanks to new updates to the original design the custom controllers will be compatible with PCs without the use of a dongle, thanks to the addition of Bluetooth. Other upgrades include better grips and more precise sticks.

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In other recent Xbox news, testing by Digital Foundry has revealed that the Xbox One S will in fact boost the performance of several already-released titles. Not only will the console come with the upgraded controller and a sleek, white design, the Xbox One S boasts a fairly significant boost to frame-rate on titles such as Batman: Arkham Knight and Project Cars.

For those looking to pick up the upcoming console, a new range of deals have been revealed for the Xbox One S, coming alongside with a sizeable 1TB hard drive. Players can choose between getting free games with the device, or a $50 gift card.

If you're interested in designing your own controller, you can do so on the Xbox Design Lab website. Controllers are handmade and should ship roughly 14 business days after sending in an order.

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