Xbox One: Microsoft Talks Cross-Platform Play and Mouse & Keyboard Support

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With the next generation of consoles a little over a month away, many gamers are soon about to get their hands on some pretty powerful hardware. Not the most powerful, mind you, but powerful enough to rival some of mid-tier PCs.

However, with so much ubiquity between PCs and consoles now, there arises questions of cross-platform play between the two game options, and whether or not that is a possibility. That very question was raised to Microsoft‘s Phil Spencer with regards, specifically, to the Xbox One and the PC, and his response should have gamers excited.

In an interview with AusGamers broached the topic of cross-play in a decidedly reserved fashion, as there are likely plans at work that Microsoft’s isn’t ready to unveil just yet. But what he would say is that with Windows 8 now stretching across all Microsoft devices that there is the potential for cross-play between the PC and the Xbox One.

He admits that the PC player and the console gamer typically have different styles, but there are still some inherent similarities, now, between an experience on the Xbox One and on the PC. However, even if Microsoft does introduce cross-play, it’s up to the developer to support it. For example, ne of the Xbox One’s big titles for next year, Titanfall, will be available on the PC as well, but there will be no cross-platform play for that game.

Unfortunately, Spencer wouldn’t say more than that. He approaches the question like any good, media-trained employee — not wanting to give anything away, but acknowleding the possibility such a feature could be in the works. PC players should be pretty happy, regardless.

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Speaking of those who prefer mouse and keyboard to controller, Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb  (a.k.a. Major Nelson) teased the possibility of mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One. Again, he wouldn’t reveal whether, in fact, such a feature is in development, but he strongly suggested it is something Microsoft is looking into.

At the same time, Hyrb thinks that using a mouse and keyboard on the Xbox One might run counterintuitive to what Microsoft is trying to promote with their new console. Specifically, he cites the different postures of a PC gamer and a console gamer — leaning forward versus leaning back — but that seems like a strange reason not to include mouse and keyboard support. The Xbox 360 supports a keyboard, so there’s no reason to think the Xbox One won’t either.

If/when mouse and keyboard support gets patched into the Xbox One, however, it won’t be prior to the console’s launch on November 22nd. Like several of the Xbox One’s other unique offerings — indie self-publishing, for example — Microsoft will have to introduce mouse and keyboard support some time later. At the moment, the development teams are likely mighty busy trying to finalize anything and everything that still needs finalizing with the Xbox One prior to launch.

Would you like to see Microsoft introduce cross-play between the PC and the Xbox One? Is mouse and keyboard support a priority for you on the console?

Microsoft’s Xbox One will be available November 22, 2013 for $499.

Source: AusGamers, CVG