Microsoft has launched its Creators Collections section of the Xbox One marketplace. Announced at GDC 2017, the Xbox One Creators Collection is Microsoft’s way of giving independent developers a place within the Xbox marketplace ecosystem to quickly publish their own games. It’s a faster, cheaper, and a more accessible way for small studios and solo developers to make their games available on Xbox One. It serves Microsoft’s latest effort to give developers a platform not unlike what’s available on PC.

So far, the Creators Collection is only available to Xbox Insiders, a group that Microsoft typically releases new software features to before granting access to everyone. And given it’s still not quite at full release, there’s very little content available through the Creators Collection at this point in time, with only six games available for purchase:

  • Whispers in the Dark (free)
  • Stereo Aereo
  • Animal Rivals
  • Derelict Fleet
  • Space Cat (free)
  • Solitaire HD (free)

More games may or may not be coming soon. Developers may be waiting for the full release of the Creators Collection or Microsoft may be holding back the tide.

Xbox One Creators Collection - Stereo Aereo

Prior to Creators Collection, Microsoft prominently touted [email protected] for independent developers. However, [email protected] requires going through a lengthy and often expensive process to get one’s game out. It doesn’t seem like Microsoft is ending the [email protected] program, though, as Creators Collection will simply be a stepping stone.

Creators Collection is an absolute necessity for Microsoft going forward, especially since PC platforms like Steam see dozens of games launched every single day. Most of those games aren’t necessarily successful, let alone good, but they allow nascent developers to get their feet wet and maybe strike gold.

What Creators Collection could offer is a similar opportunity for console development. There are no guarantees, of course. Console gamers don’t typically experiment with indie games as much as PC gamers do, never mind that indie games are typically well hidden in the marketplace. Nevertheless, offering Creators Collection matters more than not offering anything.

The Xbox One Creators Collection is open now for testers.

Source: Major Nelson