Microsoft reveals two new controllers for the Xbox One, dubbed Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow, which will be available to purchase later on in the month.

Over the course of the Xbox One’s lifespan so far, Microsoft has made a wide variety of controller choices available to users. Whether it be the standard controller or one of the number of controllers themed around specific games and franchises, including the likes of Fallout 4 and Titanfall, it’s fair to say that Xbox One owners have plenty of options open to them. Now, the publisher has unveiled two more controllers for the console, called Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow.

Microsoft confirmed the rumors surrounding these brand new controllers over at Major Nelson, as well as revealing more about the controllers in question. The Dusk Shadow controller, which comes with a blue-to-black finish, will be available from Microsoft stores, as well as through a retail exclusive with Best Buy for a limited time. Meanwhile, the Copper Shadow controller, which has a copper-to-black paint job, will be a retail exclusive for Game Stop, as well as being made available through Microsoft itself.

Those interested in the new Xbox One controllers can pre-order now ahead of their official release. At the moment, Microsoft states that the shipping date for the pair is Tuesday 22 March, 2016, with Game Stop’s website stating that the release date of the Copper Shadow controller will be Thursday 24 March. Both controllers will cost $70 upon release.

Xbox One Copper Controller

Aside from the faded color gradient finish, which is apparently a first for official Microsoft controllers, the Shadow duo don’t offer any technical improvements over any of the other standard Xbox One controllers that have been seen up to this point. However, with both controllers holding such an eye-catching design there will no doubt be plenty of suitors both in advance of and after they have seen release.

That said, some may baulk at the high price point for the pair. The RRP for the standard Xbox One controller sits ten dollars lower at $60, whilst other special edition and alternative controller designs retail for anywhere between $60 and $70. The Shadow controllers might not be a player’s first choice if they need to get their hands on another controller, but as a fun extra design to have it’s bound to prove a popular choice.

Of course, those gamers who really want to push the boat out can save up their hard-earned pennies and go for the Xbox One Elite controller instead. Coming in at a hefty $150, many think that the Elite is the best controller out there in spite of its foreboding price. Then again, some Xbox One owners might find that money better spent on grabbing a pair of these new special edition Shadow controllers instead.

Source: Major Nelson