10 Best Xbox One Controllers Ever, Ranked

If you're going to be the best, you need to use the best. While having the nicest gaming accessories may not actually make you better at gaming, it always feels nice to have cool stuff.

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For those on Xbox One, nice controllers are in an abundance. Microsoft never stops with officially licensed controllers to make anyone feel like amazing playing games. With so many excellent options to pick from (and even the ability to make your own), it's a hard call to make but we can make it a little easier. Here are the 10 best Xbox One controllers ever, ranked.

10 Fortnite Special Edition

The word Fortnite has become synonymous with gaming and the title has stuck its fingers into every part of the industry. That includes the Xbox One controller, aptly named Fortnite Special Edition. The controller includes some V-Bucks and a skin but that's just the icing on the sweet purple cake. The controller is, well, purple.

Purple sticks and buttons on a purple shell. It is a gorgeous looking controller. There really isn't anything about the controller itself that is related to Fortnite so anybody can appreciate this purple majesty without needing to get any victory royales.

9 Titanfall

The year 2014 feels like a lifetime ago, but that's when the timelessly designed Titanfall controller came out (along with the game of course). Featuring a white and orange design this sleek controller stands out as one of the first special edition controllers for the Xbox One that was really great.

The controller also manages to capture the spirit of Titanfall without being overly branded. While it didn't come with any additional features or DLC, the paint job was worth the extra money. And as the rest of this list will show, most white controllers look really nice.

8 Elite

As mentioned earlier most fancy accessories won't make you better at gaming but the Xbox One Elite controller just might actually give you that extra edge you need. It's a deeply customizable controller with four additional paddles on the back for button mapping and changeable sticks and a d-pad. Plus an adjustable trigger depth. The controller has tons of options to customize.

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Unfortunately, the series one was plagued with issues, most prominently this was the faulty bumpers that would give out rather quickly and for a controller with a $150 price tag, it was frustrating. Hopefully, the series two solves these issues.

7 Sport Red

For those who like the color red and specialized grips, the Xbox One Sport Red controller is for them. Featuring a heavy red design, complemented with a diamond design on the grips, the Sport Red is sleek like a racecar. It also features a rubberized diamond grip, which is a must-have once experienced.

Seriously all other controllers feel wrong without that diamond grip. Why settle for a red controller when you could have the red controller.

6 Phantom Black

Over the generations of gaming, no special edition accessory or console is ever as special as the translucent designs. One of two translucent designs made for Xbox One controllers, the Phantom Black features a transitioning design that moves from black translucent to champagne gold making for a gorgeous controller.

It features black face-buttons and sticks with a gold d-pad. It also has a textured grip, which isn't as great as the diamond grip but still great for holding.

5 Hyperkin Duke Wired

Nostalgia can make us remember things as much better than they really were. The Hyperkin Duke, an updated version of the original 2001 Xbox controller shows us that sometimes the nostalgia is right.

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This massive controller doesn't mess around. Available in three designs, the Duke was modified enough to be a great modern control without compromising the absolute girth of the original. Featuring a massive home button that plays the original Xbox startup screen, this trip down memory lane is going to last a whole lot longer than most.

4 Gears 5 Kait Diaz

Gears of War has had some pretty phenomenal special edition controllers over the years, but the most recent addition of the Gears Kait Diaz controller takes the cake as the best weapon against the horde.

The snow-white armor design complemented with the blue undertone on the sticks and the blue triggers makes for an icy controller. The controller also features the diamond grip and comes with a special skin for its namesake in Gears 5. While I doubt there will ever be a shortage of quality Gears controllers, this one will be hard to top.

3 Sea Of Thieves

While the launch of Sea of Thieves might have killed some people's desire to be a swashbuckling pirate, the Sea of Thieves controller definitely inspired some sea shanties.

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The purple design spotted with green makes for one of the most unique Xbox One controllers and one of the best looking. Sporting a compass around the left stick and a single gold trigger, the pirate's life is obtainable for anyone with this controller. The controller even came with some goodies for the game but you shouldn't need any extra encouragement to get one of these bad boys.

2 Sport White

Simplistic design can lead to some of the best-looking controllers and the Sport White is a strong example of that. Featuring a similar design to the Sport Red that came after, the Sport White features a strong white design with diamond designs on the sides.

The kicker here is the mint and silver accents featured on the controller which gives a gorgeous color palate. Where an all-white design might have been boring the accents bring life to it in a special way. Sporting the diamond grips this controller really has it all.

1 Lunar White

The best Xbox One controller is an oldie in the life span of the console. Released back in 2015 the Lunar White Controller features a solid white design with golden triggers and a gold d-pad.

The design of this controller might actually be flawless as one of the first controllers to feature a specialized grip. The golden triggers feature a metallic feel that is near perfection. This is one of the best feeling controllers ever released and Microsoft should be trying to achieve this level of excellence with all of their controllers.

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