As most hardcore PC gamers can attest, there’s nothing like a mouse and keyboard. But, there are plenty of PC gamers out there, most of them console converts, that prefer the gamepad to the more traditional set-up. And, when it comes to gamepads, there is a large contingent of gamers out there who have selected the Xbox 360 controller for their PC gaming needs.

However, with the Xbox One only a few months away from release, many gamers are likely wondering whether that next-gen console’s controller will work with their PCs as well. And as it turns out, the answer is yes – just not right away.

When asked about controller support for the PC, a Microsoft told CVG that it’s coming, but it requires quite a bit of work. As a result, they are projecting PC connectivity for the controller will not be available until some time in 2014.

Although Xbox One controller support won’t be available at launch, Microsoft is hopeful they will be able to add that functionality sooner rather than later. And when they do patch in support, gamers will presumably be able to connect and use their Xbox One controller just as easily as using an Xbox 360 controller.

Making that happen, however, requires some extra work from Microsoft, as there is no underlying technology shared between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers. Yes, the buttons are the same, but the way in which the Xbox One controller connects to consoles is not.

Xbox One Controller Image Buttons

While Microsoft promises that Xbox One controllers will function as advertised on the PC – meaning it will work with any game that supports the 360 controller – they did not explain whether or not the force feedback triggers will be supported. Presumably that will be a developer-dependent feature, but there is no word on if that will be restricted to titles developed for Xbox One or if an indie developer could take advantage of the feature as well.

For that matter, we also don’t know if the current PC connectivity hub for Xbox 360 controllers will work with Xbox One controllers. We suspect they won’t, and gamers will have to a purchase a new device, but there’s no confirmation one-way or the other at this point.

Obviously, gamers will be able to get by just fine with their current Xbox 360 controllers, but there are some advantages to switching over to Xbox One devices. Thanks to the new Kinect sensor, the Xbox One can sync controllers instantaneously, meaning gamers can go from PC gaming to Xbox One gaming without switching or re-syncing controllers. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for switching from Xbox One to PC.

We’ll keep you posted when Microsoft reveals more about Xbox One controllers and the PC.

Will you switch from an Xbox 360 controller to an Xbox One controller when PC support for the next-gen device is available?

Microsoft plans to release the Xbox One this November for $499.

Source: CVG