Xbox Controllers Get a Military-Themed Facelift

Xbox Wireless Tech Series Controller

A new line of Xbox wireless controllers is being introduced today, branded the Tech Series. Citing the company's continued commitment to providing fans "choices," Microsoft's newest product is another line of wireless controllers that will work for both Xbox and PC. To kick off the Tech Series, Microsoft will be offering a single controller named the Recon Tech Special Edition. The new controller will be available starting April 25 and will cost $69.99.

The Tech Series of Xbox controllers isn't a hugely significant overhaul of the previous generation of Xbox controllers. And it doesn't feature many of the features that make the Xbox Elite controller so tantalizing. It does have one significant feature addition however, which would be what Microsoft describes as a "textured diamond rubberized grip" on the backside of the controller where a player's fingers rest. And of course, the controller features the improved wireless range and Bluetooth capabilities of the most recent Xbox Wireless Controller generation.

Visual improvements have also been made to the Xbox Tech Series controllers. Microsoft says that the design was based on "military  technology and performance patterns," inspired by combat armor and conceptual "sci-fi mechanical gear." The Recon Tech Special Edition features laser etched texture on the front of the controller, as well as gold accents and various other insignia. The red/green/blue/yellow dots on the inside of the four black B/A/X/Y buttons are also a nice touch.

Xbox Wireless Tech Series Controller - Rubber Grip

While Microsoft gives a solid introduction to the new line of controllers, there's also another notable aspect to the controller's announcement. Many Xbox fans might have the immediate reaction of wondering just why there needs to be a new line of Xbox controllers at all. While Microsoft doesn't outright say, they pretty heavily imply why by starting off the announcement talking about the upcoming Project Scorpio Xbox console.

Considering every Xbox console is bundled-in with an all new controller and Microsoft would be behooved to give even the bundled controller a premium air, the Tech Series seems perfect. Even the idea to announce the controller now, prior the Project Scorpio's likely physical unveiling at E3 in June, gives credence to this idea. That way the controller is already in production and ready to show off, giving the console another immediate differentiating aspect compared to the Xbox One.

Alternatively, maybe Microsoft just thinks it's a cool controller design and decided it would turn a profit if it started selling them right away. Even in competition with the Xbox Elite controller and the customizable Xbox Wireless Controllers currently available online.

The Recon Tech Special Edition controller goes on sale starting April 25, 2017 for the cost of $69.99. Expect more information on other Tech Series controllers in the months to come.

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