Xbox One is Finally the Console it Should Have Been at Launch

By | 12 months ago 

With the New User Experience coming this month, along with backward compatibility, Xbox One is finally the console it should have been when it launched two years ago.

Until two years ago, I was a die-hard PlayStation fan. I put thousands of hours into my PlayStation 2 and 3, and loved every minute of it. But when I upgraded to the current generation, I decided to go with the Xbox One rather than the PlayStation 4, despite the higher cost.

My reasons for jumping ship to Microsoft’s console had little to do with the Xbox One’s abilities, and more to do with the fact that most of my gaming friends were on Xbox One instead of PlayStation 4. You see, I’m a very social gamer, and play a lot of multiplayer shooters. So selecting the console my friends were on made sense to me, so I went with it.

That being said, I got very close to trading in my Xbox One for a PlayStation 4 on a few occasions. From the start, I was immediately confused and disappointed with how laggy the system was, and how non-user friendly it could often be. I quite honestly couldn’t believe how long it took for apps to snap and load, or for my console to join others in a party. There were times I waited well over a minute, watching the spinning wheel of death, before the app finally worked or I stopped trying out of frustration.

For a “next-gen” console, I was sorely disappointed with the Xbox One. Thankfully, Microsoft recognized these and many other issues and have been working to make corrections. Those corrections will come primarily in the form of a New User Experience, which is launching to all Xbox One owners this month.

Xbox One Dashboard Home Update

As an Xbox One Preview Member, I’ve had access to this new interface for some time now, and am happy to report that it’s much faster, smoother, and easier to use. I feel like Xbox One is finally the console it should have been at launch.

Now, I’ll freely admit that I probably should have expected these issues with Xbox One when I first bought it, considering Microsoft’s track record of pushing products out the door before they’re ready. But I had so many people telling me how awesome the console was and the many reasons it was better than PlayStation 4. Of course, once I owned the console, I realized how wrong all those people were.

I’ll admit now that there were only two things I liked about Xbox One when I first bought it, besides being able to play with friends. The first was the controller, which I prefer to the PlayStation 4 controller, having used the latter while playing on my brother’s PS4. The second reason was Titanfall, which I personally hold to be one of the best Xbox exclusives ever developed.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

But, thanks to Xbox One’s New User Experience, I’m now completely happy with my purchase, and feel like Xbox One is a real current-gen contender. Plus, with the addition of backward compatibility which is also coming to Xbox One this month, I’m finally satisfied with my decision to choose Xbox One over PlayStation 4. I just wish it hadn’t taken this long.

Those who are looking to upgrade from an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 this fall, I am now confident in recommending the Xbox One. It’s fast, user friendly, and packed with great features. And if you need a friend to play with, I’m always down for a round or two.