Xbox One: 5 Missing Features We Wanted At Launch

By | 3 years ago 

xbox one display

Despite a pretty rocky (to say the least) pre-launch period plagued with bad press and less than optimistic community predictions, the Xbox One managed to pull off record-breaking sales and sell out around the world. Microsoft moved over a million units of the next-gen console in the first 24 hours – just like Sony’s PS4 did the week prior – and holiday shoppers continued hunting down the Xbox One on Black Friday.

That said, the console is still a long way from perfect. When we opened up our next-gen Microsoft consoles, there were a number of features we were disappointed to be left without. Additional patches are on the way, but there are a issues that we feel should have been addressed before the consoles left the factory floor (or at least in the day one software update). Here are the five missing features we think need to be addressed the soonest…

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