Xbox One Chatpad Coming in November

Xbox One Chatpad Coming in November - Xbox One Windows 10 chatpad

Just like their E3 2015 press appearance, Microsoft spent most of their Games 2015 press conference focusing on software. They claim that the current lineup for Xbox One marks the greatest lineup in the history of the Xbox brand, and considering all the blockbuster triple-A titles, creative indies, and exciting experimental projects on the way, it's hard to argue with that statement.

That being said, Microsoft's Gamescom press conference did spend a little bit more time on non-games, such as the free TV DVR that is being implemented to the system later this year. TV DVR has been rumored for Xbox One for a while, and it's been a long-requested feature for fans of the system. Besides free TV DVR, Microsoft also announced a brand new accessory coming to Xbox One, and it has also been requested by Xbox One owners.

Finally, the Xbox One is getting a dedicated Chatpad. The Chatpad plugs into the bottom of the Xbox One controller, and allows users to more quickly type messages to friends, search for things in the marketplace, and more. Furthermore, the Chatpad includes an adapter so players can plug headsets into the bottom of it. The chatpad can also control volume, which is another convenient feature. Two programmable keys are also built into the Chatpad, but players won't actually be able to utilize them until 2016 in a future update for the device.

Xbox One owners aren't the only ones that should be excited for the Chatpad. While PC gamers will typically have a keyboard for their typing needs, the Xbox One controller is quickly becoming one of the standard controllers to play PC games with, and the Chatpad's compatibility with Windows 10 will come in handy.


As part of their dedication to PC gaming, Microsoft is trying hard to make the Xbox One controller the norm for PC gamers to use, as evidenced by the Chatpad's compatibility with Windows 10 and situations such as all Oculus Rift systems being bundled with Xbox One controllers.

The Chatpad accessory for the Xbox 360 was extremely popular back in the day due to its ease of use and convenience, which is why gamers have been asking for a similar device to make its way to Xbox One. It's nice to see Microsoft listen to their fans, and it's a nice bonus that the accessory will be compatible with Windows 10 devices as well.

What do you think about the new Chatpad for Xbox One and Windows 10? Will you be purchasing one when it releases this coming November? What about your thoughts on Microsoft's Gamescom 2015 event in general? Let us know in the comments below!

The Xbox One Chatpad, also compatible with Windows 10 devices, will be available on November 10th. Pre-orders for the peripheral are available starting today.

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