With so many new games releasing in May, gamers are likely looking at current-gen consoles more than ever, but remember, there’s no need to pay full price this non-holiday season. There are some hot deals to be found on Xbox One consoles, gamers just need to know where to look. Before heading to the local Walmart to pick up an Xbox One unit, check our latest Xbox One deal roundup below to save some serious cash.

Last month we reported 13 hot Xbox One deals, this month we’re down to 8, but the offers have only improved. Rather than a wide variety, the Xbox One deals this month are more targeted and the freebies now include the latest game releases.

eBay Xbox One Deals (Expires soon)

GameStop Xbox One Deals (Expires May 28)

Dell Xbox One Deals (Expires May 29)

NewEgg Deal: $100’s in Free Games

NewEgg is mostly known for selling computer parts, but they do carry some console gaming equipment. They also have an eBay store page. There, Newegg often uses the eBay outlet as a dumping ground for Xbox One console deals (plus games they are overstocked on). You won’t always find a deal there, but right now Newegg has two excellent Xbox One bundle deals on their eBay store worth checking out.

The first is probably the best. The $399 1TB Holiday bundle comes with the recently releaesd DOOM, Fallout 4, and Tom Clancy’s The Division. Those are three AAA’s that would add up to $130 if you bought each game separately at their best prices online, but are completely free with the Xbox One bundle. Did we mention the 1TB Holiday bundle includes another 3 games of its own?


The next bundle retails for $50 less and but still includes several recently released games for free. The Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition bundle was a big hit in 2015, but has been cleared off many mainline retailer shelves. NewEgg is looking to completely rid themselves of stock by selling the console for its usual $350 price, alongside Quantum Break, Rainbow Six Siege, and the Halo 5: The Guardians Limited Steelbook Edition. Separately those three titles add up to $127.

GameStop Deal: $30 off Plus $50 Gift Card

Now through May 28th, GameStop has thrown in their best offers on Xbox One 1TB consoles. Not only are there $30 discounts off the bat but they’re also incentivizing with a $50 Gift Card (actually gift code that arrives via email). The best offer of their lot is definitely the April released Xbox One Spring bundle, which is the exact same thing as the 1TB Holiday Bundle except it also includes a copy of Halo 5: Guardians.

Dell Deal: $100 eGift Card Top Off

Dell Home has rebooted some of their April offerings this month with an impressive $100 eGift Card bonus on select Xbox One bundles. This offer runs through May 29th, and could be used to buy extra games, a controller, or towards the purchase of anything you want at Dell Home (new laptop maybe?). The offer runs through May 29th.

Is there a better bundle than the others? Perhaps the best offering is the April released Quantum Break bundle with $100 Gift Card. It’s the most recently released bundle of Dell’s lot and is one of the best values offered on that console to date.

Uninterested in any of May’s offerings? Check back in June to see if Microsoft lowers the price after E3 or wait for the big deals inevitably coming around later this holiday season.

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