Xbox One Users Reporting Black Screen Bug After Latest Update

By | 3 years ago 

Oftentimes, especially in the world of software, attempting to fix a problem can unveil new and unexpected problems. It’s something that Battlefield 4 developers DICE know all to well, and isn’t uncommon for many video games.

The latest Xbox One update, for example, was meant to add a few oft-requested features to Microsoft’s next-gen console — controller battery management, storage space customization, among other things — but alongside those additions came a new bug. Luckily, at least according to Microsoft, the bug isn’t affecting too many gamers.

So what exactly is this unexpected bug, you ask? It reportedly dumps the Xbox One to a black screen upon start-up with no indication that the console has frozen or locked up. Players are simply left waiting — hoping that the green Xbox One icon might pop up at some point. It won’t.

Microsoft claims that the problem can be fixed with a quick power cycling of the Xbox One — a solution that tech users know all to well. To power cycle the Xbox One, all one needs to do is hold the Xbox icon on the front right of the console for 10 seconds and it should power down completely. Then boot the console up like normal, and the black screen bug should be fixed.

As far as a firm fix for the black screen bug, Microsoft says they are working on it. Luckily, there is another major Xbox One update on the way, which is geared at fixing the console’s party system and multiplayer issues before the Titanfall launches on March 11th. Presumably Microsoft could slide a fix for this black screen bug in with that update, provided they don’t roll out with something sooner.

While obviously not on the scale as some of the Xbox One’s bigger problems at launch (e.g. faulty disc drive, GPU failure), any issue involving both next-gen consoles is worth keeping an eye on. The Xbox One is certainly a work in progress, and any steps backwards will be detrimental to the console’s future success.

Have you experienced this black screen bug since the latest Xbox One update? Have you noticed any other problems or issues that weren’t there prior to updating your console?

Source: Kotaku