Xbox One Black Friday Deal Offers Fallout 4, Gears Bundle for $300

By | 1 year ago 

Dell is planning to sell an Xbox One bundle on Black Friday for $300, complete with the Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Fallout 4, and an extra Xbox One controller.

Black Friday can easily be considered the biggest and most successful shopping day of the year, and this year is already looking good for Xbox fans. Those looking to pick up the Xbox One will be able to get the Gears of War bundle from Dell’s website for a slick $300.

But that’s not all. Dell is also throwing in Fallout 4 and a second Xbox One controller as part of the deal, making this the best Xbox One offer to date. This is especially true considering Fallout 4 releases a mere 17 days before Black Friday. All-in-all, the total deal is worth $470, meaning buyers will pick up the full bundle for a whopping 36 percent off retail cost.

This is likely to be one of the best – if not the best – deal for anyone interested in grabbing a new Xbox One this holiday. While other retailers are surely gearing up for their own Black Friday offers, chances are none will provide a better deal than this one.

Dell Xbox One Black Friday Deal

It’ll be interesting to see how successful this deal will be over the holiday season. The battle between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is as competitive as ever, and both Microsoft and Sony are surely hoping for big sales this fall, especially during Black Friday. Additionally, considering the numerous triple-A exclusives coming to Xbox One, including Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, there’s little doubt Dell will sell a ton of Xbox One consoles.

Now that gamers can pick up the PlayStation 4 for $350 – the same price Microsoft dropped the Xbox One to last fall – Microsoft is undoubtedly looking for ways to beat out the competition. It’s possible the $300 price point may become the new standard for the Xbox One, though Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any new price changes for their flagship console.

Dell’s Xbox One deal kicks off on Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) at 6:00 PM EDT and is expected to run through the end of the day on November 27th. The ad states there are limited quantities of the bundle, so those looking to pick one up will want to act quickly.

In addition to this massive Xbox One deal, gamers can expect many more great gaming deals during Black Friday.

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