The 10 Best Couch Co-op Games On The Xbox One

With the advent of online multiplayer, the old school charm of shared and split-screen local multiplayer modes has been on a relatively steady decline with modern consoles, and the Xbox One is no exception. However, it's definitely far from dead, and more than a few wildly popular recent titles have done their part when it comes to keeping the legacy of couch co-op alive for future generations.

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Today, we just so happen to be here to check out those very games. If you're among those Xbox gamers itching to gather up a friend or three for some classic, side by side cooperative gaming, then you've definitely come to the right place. Keep scrolling and join Game Rant as we count off ten of the very best couch co-op titles that are available to play on the Xbox One.

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10 Borderlands (Entire Series)

Shoot n' loot RPG series Borderlands has always been very coop friendly, if not outright encouraged. Every mainline title to date has offered full support for split-screen action on the Xbox One, and with the long-awaited Borderlands 3 poised for release on September 13th of this year, now's a good time to refresh yourself with its fantastic backlog.

In fact, Gearbox released a brand spanking new chunk of campaign DLC for Borderlands 2 not too long ago to hype everyone up for the upcoming title, and it's packed to the brim with new, exciting, and original content. You can't really ask for a better reason to phone a few friends, dust off your hoard of guns and dive back in.

9 Divinity: Original Sin (& Divinity: Original Sin II)

Divinity: Original Sin is a delightfully modernized throwback to the CRPG stylings of old school titles such as Baldur's Gate. It features a surprisingly smooth drop-in and drop-out local multiplayer component that allows each character to be assigned to whichever player wants them, keeping party management breezy and easy.

Combat and character development are satisfyingly complex without being overwhelming, the game's original lore and setting are charmingly detailed, and the plot doesn't take itself too seriously. Even better, a fantastic sequel was released for consoles in 2018, meaning there's more than enough content to keep yourself and a friend well occupied.

8 Minecraft

Minecraft's split-screen feature is unique to the console editions of the game and is criminally underutilized. After all, what's better than showing off your fancy creations, collaborating, or surviving alongside someone that's sitting right next to you?

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Whether you're wanting to get those creative juices flowing, survive a few nights' worths of Creepers, or get a little help with tackling the Ender Dragon, Minecraft's split-screen mode is a total blast. And the fun doesn't need to stop at two people! Up to four players can connect via local split-screen, so long as you've got the controllers.

7 Diablo III

Diablo III is easily one of the best RPGs available on consoles, and one perk that it offers over its PC edition is the capacity for shared and split-screen play. Smash through hordes of demonic loot pinatas in the direct company of your friend or loved one while you jealously ogle one another's equipment and damage output!

Blizzard has long been hailed as the master of the ARPG genre (as well as RTS and MMORPG offerings, honestly), so it should go without saying that Diablo III is a must-have before even considering how much the local cooperative experience amplifies the fun.

6 Doom & Doom II (Classic Editions)

It's hard to go wrong with the classics, and the recent re-release of these two FPS legends as direct ports to the Xbox One provides ample evidence of that. As far as the games themselves, well, what's to be said? It's old school Doom. You shoot the bad demons until they die, preferably in the company of a few close friends.

Of course, you can always take it to deathmatch to vent a few frustrations or prove your old school mastery, but the real joy is in cooperatively blasting through the original campaigns of these FPS masterpieces. The split-screen mode supports up to four players, so invite over a couple more friends and make it a party that hell itself would be envious of. Or scared of, most likely.

5 Unravel Two

The first Unravel title opened up to positive critical reception on the basis of its touching, heartfelt narrative and surprisingly innovative puzzle-platforming gameplay. Unravel Two follows in the same vein, but this time, players can bring a friend along for the journey.

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Following the epic trials and travails of a pair of small, anthropomorphic creatures called "Yarnys," Unravel Two is a game with a lot of heart. As a word to the wise, you may not want to embark on this on this one with a buddy you aren't comfortable shedding a tear or two around.

4 Cuphead

Cuphead saw runaway popularity upon its 2017 release, with its deceptively cartoonish facade masking enough layers of difficulty to give Dark Souls a run for its money. Players are charged with guiding brothers Cuphead and Mugman through a side-scrolling shoot 'em up adventure, as they bid to save their souls after a deal with the Devil goes south.

Cuphead's borderline absurd difficulty curve is precisely what makes it such a joy to share with a friend, or at the very least renders the repeated failure that it entails a bit more bearable. The lighthearted narrative and retro art style are also brilliant touches.

3 LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (& Any Other LEGO Title)

Booting up practically any entry in the LEGO franchise is like cuddling up with an old, familiar blanket. You know precisely how it's going to feel, and it's never going to get old. It's a classic gameplay formula, albeit with mild innovations from game to game, and that slapstick LEGO humor is endlessly charming.

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Honestly, you could slap any LEGO game into this entry and it'd serve well; however, LEGO games set within the Star Wars universe are always a sure bet, with the original LEGO Star Wars trilogy being fondly remembered as an instant classic. Their take on The Force Awakens holds that tradition up beautifully.

2 Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve is essentially what would happen if Tim Burton would've designed Minecraft, and it's absolutely glorious. This dark and zany sandbox survival adventure is already a blast to play on your own, albeit a smidgen difficult to master. However, bringing a friend along for the ride makes it exponentially better.

Don't Starve Together allows you to do just that, serving as a separate multiplayer component for the main game. Although surviving and thriving against the ever-present threat of the darkness is the name of the game, Don't Starve is also notable for possessing an entire buffet of options when it comes to ways you can die, no doubt to the endless amusement of your cooperative partner.

1 Halo: Master Chief Collection

Halo has long been a staple of overnight frag fests and legendary campaign grinds, so naturally, a title that packs in the content of practically every mainline Halo game into a singular package is going to be an absolute shoo-in when discussing the best of the best in couch co-op gaming.

Whether you're wanting a nostalgic trip through the campaign of Halo: Combat Evolved or you're ready to gear up for a punishing LASO run through Halo 3, the Master Chief Collection has got you covered. To make the deal even sweeter, Halo Reach is scheduled to be added to the collection soon, so it might be time to dust off your Mjolnir armor anyway.

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