Three More Games Arrive for Xbox One Backward Compatibility


Microsoft reveals that three more Xbox 360 games are now playable on the Xbox One, this time including a multi-disc RPG, vertical side shooter, and a praised movie adaptation.

Microsoft announced that it would be adding backward compatibility to the Xbox One over a year ago during E3 2015. Although the games may not be rolling out as quickly as some gamers might like, Microsoft is still hard at work making good on moving the huge Xbox 360 catalog of games to the Xbox One. Today, three more Xbox 360 games are joining in the fray, including another multi-disc game.

The Xbox UK Twitter account has officially announced that the next games to join the backward compatible library on the Xbox One are Lost Odyssey, Guwange, and Toy Story 3. Lost Odyssey is particularly notable, as the massive RPG from the creator of Final Fantasy was originally released on four DVDs. Guwange is a vertical side shooter from developer Cave that initially premiered back in 1999, and was brought to the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. Lastly, Toy Story 3 is the well-received video game adaptation of the final film in the Toy Story trilogy.


Lost Odyssey was one of the games most requested when it was revealed that the Xbox One would be able to play multi-disc Xbox 360 games, so many fans will most likely be pleased to see it join the roster. Gamers will be able to play these games either by downloading them off the Xbox One's Games Store, or by using their physical discs just like they would have on the Xbox 360 console. Considering that the creator of Lost Odyssey has expressed his distaste for sequels, the opportunity to revisit the classic on the Xbox One is probably the best fans of the game can hope for.

Although the Xbox One didn't initially offer backward compatibility upon its release, Microsoft has been hard at work adding titles to the system since 2015. The console now offers over 200 Xbox 360 games via backward compatibility, and Microsoft is continuing its work to move more to the new system. Microsoft also rolled out multi-disc backward compatible games only back in May, so nearly any Xbox 360 game should be fair game to be moved to the Xbox One family of consoles. Considering that the Xbox One S has just been released and the Xbox One Scorpio is still on its way, gamers should expect that the Xbox One systems will continue to see a migration of Xbox 360 games for many years to come.

Gamers, which Xbox 360 titles do you want to revisit on your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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