Xbox One’s background music feature is currently in development, with Microsoft explaining it’s still months away from being available for console owners.

After being asked about the status of Xbox One‘s highly anticipated background music feature by a fan on Twitter, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer, said it won’t be available any time soon. In fact, his response of it not being out “before summer” means that owners of the system might be waiting quite a while before the Xbox One receives it as a feature.

For the time being, Xbox One users can have tunes playing in the background of their game sessions by using the Xbox Music app, which is now known as Groove, but it’s only possible when using Snap. However, this option is not beneficial for fans who want to fully immerse themselves into a game, for when in use, it takes up a sizable segment of the screen with an open window.

Of course, Xbox One’s lack of the component puts it a step behind the PlayStation 4. As it happens, a nearly seamless feature is available for Sony’s current generation console, as the PS4’s Update 2.0 improved the system with the streaming of music during gameplay by way of a USB or with the PlayStation Music app. Taking that into consideration, Microsoft fans are surely ready for a better alternative than what they’re being offered at the moment.

It’s been a while since Microsoft has addressed the absence of a background music feature on its console. Soon after making the new Xbox One Experience update available to fans a couple of months ago, Mike Ybarra, the tech firm’s engineering lead for the Xbox, explained that he and his team are taking their time to ensure the forthcoming feature works properly before adding it. Apparently, Ybarra is looking to the system’s March 2015 update with screenshots as inspiration on how to incorporate the background music functionality.

Despite the fact that fans will have to wait a bit longer for the feature’s inclusion, it’s better for the background music component to come out as close to perfect as possible instead of being rushed as a mediocre product. After all, it took Microsoft a while to figure out backward compatibility, but it released to near-universal acclaim.

Although Xbox One users can’t currently play music in the background through the use of the console itself, there are obviously options available, albeit cumbersome ones. For example, if folks have external speakers at their disposal, it’s always possible to simply hook up a music-playing device to them, turn off the in-game soundtrack, and then fiddle with the volume of the speakers until the levels work in-sync with the gameplay sound effects. In the meantime, Xbox One fans will have to wait patiently until the official feature is added. Hopefully it will be sometime this year.

As previously stated, developers have yet to announce a concrete availability date for Xbox One‘s background music feature.

Source: Phil Spencer – Twitter (via GameSpot)