Latest Xbox One Dashboard Update Adds Social Features & 3D Blu-ray Support

Xbox One August Update


Microsoft stated earlier that they were striving towards bringing a monthly update to the Xbox One console, and they've certainly been keeping active with importing new features (and, admittingly, some old features that are quite overdue). The latest Xbox One update is now live and streaming to players all around the globe, bringing with it a few handy updates.

Gamers can now make purchases on the Xbox website or even from the Xbox Smartglass application while on the go, and the console will begin the installation of the purchases right away if automatic downloading is turned on. That means gamers can make a purchase at work and have the game ready to go by the time they get home - it's a really slick feature, and one that was oft-requested in the relatively new Xbox Feedback program.

The most noticeable change to the dashboard is the new Activity Feed interface, which brings a more social network vibe to the Xbox One. Players can now post statuses from their Xbox Live accounts and other users can like and comment on them. Gamers who spot interesting game clips their friends have uploaded can now share them to their status or via message.

Xbox One August Update

Xbox Smartglass also received an update to help users view and like statuses, though more features are slated to be released for the application at a later date. On the friends list, Xbox Live will now also state how long it has been since a user was last signed in, and display what application or game the user was last seen playing.

Low Battery notifications will now appear via a pop-up to alert gamers who haven't noticed that their controller juice is running low. Previously, gamers could see it within the menu, but it's now clearer and readily apparent for gamers to ready some replacement batteries. We've already had this feature come in handy during a session of FIFA yesterday, so we can vouch for its usefulness.

Microsoft also introduced the ability to disable notifications when the Xbox is playing a video. It was always annoying when a notification would pop up with the distinctive Xbox 'ba-dink' during a dramatic scene of a program on Netflix - gamers just need to remember to actually turn the feature on within their menu. The Blu-ray player app has also received an update which enables 3D Blu-Ray functionality.

With more media center updates, EA Access and a brand new Halo Channel coming later, Microsoft is evidently putting in plenty of work to keep the console competitive with Sony and Nintendo's offerings. The console may be be losing on sales in 2014 compared to the PS4, but they're certainly putting the pressure on in a clear comeback effort.

The Xbox One update should be live around the globe and should come up as a prompt for all users. If you're not seeing the update, restarting your console should do the trick.


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Source: Major Nelson

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