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Microsoft is working overtime trying to get their Xbox 360 fanbase to come to the next generation, and a brand new Xbox One deal making the rounds amongst the dashboards of gamers may just do that. Discovered this morning, the deal thanks sekect Xbox 360 users for being Xbox fans, and then offers them a $75 promotional card to use for the purchase of an Xbox One console. Read on to find out the details, and if you’re eligible for the promotion.

When Microsoft originally unveiled the Xbox One’s price tag to be $499, Sony was reportedly dancing in the aisles knowing that their own console was going to be $100 less expensive (and announced later that same day at E3 2013). Recognizing that the price difference was helping Sony sell more PlayStation 4 units, Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One would no longer be automatically bundled with Kinect, shaving a cool $100 off the retail price and bringing it down to a comparable $399. Now, with some gamers receiving an additional $75 off if they act quickly, one might wonder how many will be swayed by what is ultimately Microsoft throwing in a free game of their choice.

The promotion is only valid in the USA at the moment, even though the the deal is being shown to gamers all across North America. This deal will run until the end of July – ample time for those considering the upgrade to weigh their options this summer. The usual gift card rules apply, meaning that gamers must be 13+ for the deal, but chances are if you’re under that age someone else would be making the purchase anyhow.

Xbox One Price Details

Considering that Xbox exclusive Titanfall is $20 if purchased with an Xbox One at Best Buy this week, Xbox fans still without the newest console could be in for a great smash-and-grab deal. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Sony counteract with a deal of their own, or even release a new bundle with a new game. We’ll keep you posted if it happens!

Of course, players can always win an Xbox One console for free (and with a game included to boot) at this Game Rant Giveaway, but there’s only a few days left to enter that competition!


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