According to a newly published report, Microsoft’s current generation console, Xbox One, currently has an existing install base of about 26 million units.

Despite the fact that Microsoft no longer shares data involving sales of its Xbox One console, it seems as if fresh figures from a new report could indicate exactly how many units have been moved since its release back in 2013. According to new analysis, Microsoft has moved 26 million Xbox One consoles in total since its initial availability on the market a few years ago.

The latest figures for the Xbox One’s sales come from the work of the research group SuperData, as the company broke down sales in between Microsoft’s console and Sony’s PlayStation 4 in a bid to determine how well the forthcoming Nintendo Switch could do in the marketplace. The industry analysis firm posted the data found in its report shortly after the Big N hosted the Switch’s heavily publicized live stream presentation last week.

As far as the figures for PlayStation 4’s sales listed in SuperData’s report are concerned, they may be inaccurate, as the research group has projected that there have been 55 million Sony consoles sold, while the Japan-based tech firm has declared that only 53.4 million have been moved after its selling of 6.2 million units during the holiday 2016 season. Should this be the case, then it’s quite possible that SuperData’s figures for the Xbox One are imprecise as well.

Of course, it will be difficult to determine how accurate SuperData’s numbers for the Xbox One are, considering the fact that Microsoft only discusses monthly active users by counting the number of people logged into Xbox Live in the past 30 days across Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. According to Microsoft’s latest count from its Q1 2017 report in October, Xbox Live boasts an active community of more than 46 million users.

Nevertheless, if all of SuperData’s statistics are indeed correct, then it would mean that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales combined make an install base of roughly 81 million consoles. This number is synonymous with some comments made by Electronic Arts’ CFO Blake Jorgensen, who said back in November of last year that he expected the PS4 and Xbox One install base to reach 80 million by end of 2016.

Again, due to the fact that Microsoft doesn’t publish its official figures for Xbox One sales, there’s really no telling how precise SuperData’s analysis is regarding how many units have been sold. Should the specifics be spot on, however, it means that Microsoft is far behind Sony in console sales, with PlayStation 4 in the pole position to dominate 2017.

One of Xbox One‘s next major titles slated for release is Halo Wars 2, which releases on February 21, 2017 for the console, as well as PC.