Xbox 360 or PS3 owners willing to make the jump to the Xbox One can pick up the console for $200 with a new deal, which gives $100 in credit for any newer model trade-in.

As the life cycle of the previous console generation comes to an end, many gamers who have yet to move on to the current top tier devices may find themselves increasingly tempted to make the step up. Now, retailer GameStop has announced a deal that may help Xbox 360 or PS3 users take the plunge. Right now, those gamers can get $100 in credit towards a Xbox One if they are happy to trade in their old console.

The deal, which is available for all to see over on the official GameStop trade-in website, will offer up the deal to customers who own a newer model of the Xbox 360 or PS3. This means that the Xbox One can be picked up at a much lower price than its normal retail price. In fact, after Microsoft’s own spring sale is taken into account, the Xbox One will only cost the gamer $200.

Of course, for a user to get the full $100 in trade credit, they must have all necessary components for the console to run properly, and all parts of the system need to be in full working order. However, GameStop is willing to take a defective unit, albeit at a lesser value than the full $100. Those interested in the deal can make use of it up until 3 April, 2016.

Xbox One Close Up

This deal could be just the thing to push some Xbox 360 and PS3 users into the newer console generation. It’s no doubt good news for Microsoft, with the lower price point for the Xbox One likely very tempting for fans who fancy an upgrade. With the Xbox One still playing catch-up to Sony’s PS4 in terms of sales, any extra users to bump up the current 18 million will be greatly appreciated.

Those users could also choose to make the move now due to the quality of games seeing release over the course of the next few months. Ubisoft’s highly anticipated multiplayer shooter The Division saw release at the beginning of the month, whilst Dark Souls 3 and the Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break are also tantalizingly close. With that in mind, now could be the perfect time to get the console on the cheap.

However, some rumors circling the gaming community could be enough to make some users hold fire. With Sony allegedly working on an upgraded version of the PS4, concerns over the future of the current gen consoles might make some gamers wait and see exactly what both Sony and Microsoft have in mind. However, the deal is still mighty tempting, and will no doubt be very popular with last-gen users.

Source: GameStop