As reported earlier this month, Xbox Live’s TV subscription service will be up and running this holiday season.

This exciting news has brought up questions as to what kind of content Xbox Live will be providing – and sources claim that Comcast and Verizon Access will be the first to jump on board.

This information has not yet been truly set in stone, but confirmation of details for the paid TV subscription service is expected to be revealed as soon as next week.

Bloomberg‘s source states that it is not just Comcast and Verizon that Microsoft are after, but many more:

“Microsoft […] is in talks with almost two dozen providers of music, sports, movies and TV shows in the U.S. and Europe, and may announce an expanded Xbox Live streaming service as soon as next week, said one of the people, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly.”

According the report Microsoft is also expecting so sign deals with: “Time Warner Inc. (TWX)’s HBO cable channel, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Crackle streaming service, NBC Universal’s Bravo and Syfy channels and Lovefilm UK, a subsidiary of Inc. (AMZN).

Along with the addition of a TV pay subscription service, PayPal employees were issued an e-mail to test Xbox Live functionality – to ensure everything works. The PayPal email pointed to November 15th – which lead many to believe that this will be the launch date for the new dashboard. Interestingly (and very likely intentionally) November 15th is the same day as the 10-year anniversary of the original Xbox’s release.

With these two big announcements, one would assume with a new dashboard in the works that it would tie into the Xbox Live TV subscription services – and that they’ll both be ready on the same day. Hopefully all will be cleared up when Microsoft makes the official announcement on all of these changes in the coming weeks.

Are you looking forward to Xbox Live TV? What other channels would you like to see made available?

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Source: Bloomberg [via Joystiq] & Kotaku