While the increasing prevalence of online services can in many ways be considered a significant step forward for the industry, these services are still not without their drawbacks. From a heavy reliance on connection speeds to intermittent service issues, the boons of a digital-only future can also be a curse. As of late, this has been precisely the case for Microsoft’s Xbox Live service on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Over the past month, gamers on both platforms have reported encountering Xbox Live service outages that have affected popular services from Twitch and Netflix, to general gameplay. While the Xbox One-centric issues have since been sorted out, gamers using Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 continue to encounter issues with some of its most integral services.

According to Xbox Support, it is the social and gaming side of the service that is encountering the issues. Sadly, this just so happens to represent the brunt of Xbox Live’s intended use. At the current time, there is still no word on when the outages will be rectified. In the most recent update update posted at 10:55pm GMT on July 31, Microsoft stated the following:

“It’s come to our attention that some of you are seeing a black screen when attempting to launch games and applications. Hang in there, Xbox members, we’re on it! Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. We’ll update you again as soon as we have more information.”

With the recent news that PlayStation consoles tripled the sales of Xbox consoles in the first quarter of the fiscal year, this is not likely to help quell the console war that continues to persist among consumers. Regardless of these service issues, it’s still a great time to be an Xbox gamer. Between the news that Halo 5 and the upcoming TV series would be unified and the August Games With Gold offerings for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, there’s still a ton of incentives to soldier through the service’s outages.

All issues aside, it’s hard to deny the overwhelming number of positives that come from predominantly online services. Not only do they make connecting with other gamers criminally easy, but they make almost anything one could want from a console available at their fingertips. These issues will likely continue to persist through future console generations, but as the services grow to provide more and more functionality, these drawbacks will just have to be a necessary evil.

Do you think the issues that come as a product of online services are outweighed by the benefits of these services? Do you see issues like these ever truly disappearing?


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Source: Xbox Support