Hackers Compromise Account & Web Site of Xbox Live's Head of Security

Xbox Live's Stephen Toulouse

When you make someone with ‘hacking’ skills mad, bad things normally come your way. That’s a lesson that Microsoft Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox Live Stephen Toulouse learned the hard way.

Toulouse, known as ‘Stepto’ on Xbox Live, is the face of player bans and security for Xbox Live.  A Youtube user by the name of MrPredatorSik gained access to Toulouse’s account by using social engineering tactics. MrPredatorSik posted a video showcasing the hack, saying it’s payback for banning him 35 times.

Be warned the video does contain explicit language:


A hacker has also taken control of Toulouse’s personal website (, and the site has been taken down by his hosting company for security purposes. There is currently no information on who has taken control of the domain, if he or she is linked to the hacker who gained access to his Xbox Live account,  or what his or her specific motivation is. Toulouse has asked people to stop sending emails to his domain because of privacy concerns.

Toulouse is just the most recent in a line of high profile Xbox employees to have their accounts compromised. Just last month hackers took over the Xbox Live account of Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, leading Game Rant to question how secure Xbox Live really is; these most recent events don’t help to alleviate that concern.

Do these high-profile hacks make you concerned about your Xbox Live account? Should Microsoft change its security policies in light of recent events?

We will update the story when more information becomes available.


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Source: Kotaku

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