Xbox Live Rewarding Gamers That Have Racked Up Enough Achievements

Xbox 360 Achievement Awards

Since the dawn of time, Xbox 360 owners have wondered what the purpose of achievement points were. All they appear to do is add to a player's Gamerscore, which provides dedicated individuals with something to hold over the Xbox Live community's head. Despite the obsessive compulsive desire to collect every single achievement, gamers have longed for the day that they'd finally be able to do something with their growing fictitious pile of gaming pride, and now they'll have the ability to do just that.

Microsoft has announced that there will be various reward tiers, called MyAchievements, for Xbox 360 gamers who've accumulated a certain amount of overall achievement points, but the prizes aren't as glamorous as many were hoping.

There are three different levels of prizes, and the higher a gamer's Gamerscore the better the prize. This can range from a present on your birthday to a 2% rebate on anything purchased on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's better to get something rather than nothing, but despite paying $60 annually for the Xbox Live Gold service (and sinking countless hours into earning achievements) the PlayStation Plus membership still outguns this lacklustre reward program by a wide margin.

Contender (3,000-9,000 Gamerscore):

  • A Special Gift during your birthday month.

Champion (10,000-24,999 Gamerscore):

  • A Special Gift during your birthday month.
  • 1% rebate on your Xbox Live Marketplace purchases every month.

Legend (25,000+ Gamerscore):

  • A Special Gift on your birthday month.
  • 2% rebate on your Xbox Live Marketplace purchases every month.

Xbox Live users are probably wondering what this "Special Gift" is that gamers will receive in honor of their birthday. Microsoft has yet to confirm what the contents of the (presumably digital) parcel are, but fine print on the official Xbox website claims that it's valued at 25 cents — so don't get too excited.

Even though the rewards aren't nearly as glamorous as many had hoped, it's still nice to be rewarded for the countless hours of grinding fans have put into earning achievements. Now all Microsoft has to do is make a tier for those who've racked up 50,000+ Gamerscore.


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Source: Microsoft

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