Microsoft Reveals Xbox Live's Free Games With Gold for March

Xbox Live Games With Gold for March 2015

Free games are a hard thing to pass up, even more so when they're quality free games. Both Microsoft and Sony are offering free games every month as part of their Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus services, and while every game isn't of the AAA variety, they're still decent games, regardless. And in both cases, their games are contributing factors to why people chose the Xbox One or PS4.

This month, Xbox Live Gold members are enjoying games like #IDARB (I Draw A Red Box) on Xbox One, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Sniper Elite V2 on Xbox 360. Come March 1, those games will be swapped out for some new goodies. With only three days left in the relatively short month of February, Microsoft has revealed the next three games that will be offered up for free to paying Xbox Live members. Let's see how the Xbox Community takes these, compared to past offerings.

Beginning on March 1, and sticking around until March 31, Rayman Legends will be free on the Xbox One. Go at it alone or with up to three other friends, but make sure to enjoy the visuals no matter what goes down.

The Xbox 360, meanwhile, will see Square Enix's Tomb Raider reboot offered for free from March 1 to March 15, which may come as a bit of a disappointment considering there's a better looking version available in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Lara Croft's newest adventure is still enjoyable on last-gen and is still as brutal as ever.

Then on March 16 and through the remainder of the month, Irrational Games' dimension-bending sequel BioShock Infinite takes over. For those that haven't played Irrational's last game yet, here's the perfect opportunity.

BioShock Infinite - Elizabeth with Book

The reveal of March's free Games With Gold titles wasn't the only thing Microsoft had to talk about, as the company took a bit of time to share just how many free games have been downloaded since the program's inception back in 2013: over 100,00,000. Try imaging that many game cases stacked on top of one another.

"It’s definitely clear to us that Xbox Live Gold members love to game, and Games with Gold fuels that passion."

To celebrate this huge milestone, Microsoft is bumping up the amount of free games in April and increasing the amount to four on the Xbox 360, and two on the Xbox One. Some out there may be bracing themselves for an April Fool's Joke of some kind (understandable), but MS states that no such thing is being planned. We can only assume that something else is in the works, then.

Be sure to grab this month's free games while they're still around. #IDARB in particular is a great local multiplayer game, and one of the few out there that supports eight players. If that sounds like pure chaos, that's because it is.

Now then, how about next month's free PS Plus games, Sony? Not that anyone's rushing or anything.

Source: Xbox Wire

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