Microsoft Reveals Xbox Live's Free Games With Gold for April 2015

Microsoft Games With Gold

Both GWG and the IGC have gone on for so long now that the end of every month has become the time when people turn their gazes to Xbox Wire or the PlayStation Blog to learn what the new free games will be. There are certainly worse things to look forward to as each month comes to a close - the first Monday of the next month, for example - but when someone says "have some free stuff, on us," it's hard not to look mildly interested.

The end of March 2015 is no exception to this pattern, as Microsoft has revealed the next batch of games that will come in April through Games With Gold. The company announced last month that they'd be doubling the amount of games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and they're definitely keeping their word. Come April, four free games will be offered on the Xbox 360, while the Xbox One will get two. We hope those hard drives have space left.

"You might think April’s the perfect time to joke around – but we have no intention of doing that here at Xbox. Instead, we want to take a moment to appreciate you, the Xbox gamer."

Gears of War Judgement - Kilo Squad

Starting with the Xbox 360 on April 1 and concluding on April 15, Gears of War: Judgment and Terraria - two wildly different games - will be up for grabs. For those that enjoy a bit of genre whiplash, the first two weeks of next month should be a treat. Nothing says a change of pace like going from chainsawing Locusts to peacefully digging for items to craft with. It's too bad that a Gears of War Collection isn't on the way, however, because Judgment (a prequel title) would've been a decent set up.

From April 16-31, gamers can snag Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. Compared to the previous pair of games, these two seem much easier to play back-to-back, save for one having a pirate ship with a crew that likes to sing, and the other having tons and tons of bullets. Then again, Black Flag has a few guns here and there too.

Finally, moving over to the Xbox One, both Child of Light and Pool Nation FX will be available for free all month, eliminating the need to rush out and grab them as soon as possible. RPG fans that haven't checked out Ubisoft's Child of Light are in for something special and very different from the developer's usual releases.

Child of Light - Aurora in Battle

Pool Nation FX, meanwhile, seems like the perfect game to just relax and play for a bit. We suspect it will be a much welcomed change of pace should people decide to play Gears and Army of Two first. Besides, who doesn't like playing pool and pretending that amazing trick shot was all part of the plan?

Before March 2015 is permanently left in the past, be sure to grab Tomb Raider, Rayman Origins and BioShock Infinite while they're still free. You can never have too many free games. Probably.

Also, while six free games in one month is certainly a treat, we have to admit that a bunch of schools getting Minecraft probably takes the win when it comes to people getting free games. Sorry, Microsoft and Halo Online.

Are any of April's Games With Gold on your radar, or will next month be another month in which you can't take full advantage of an Xbox Live Gold membership? Or perhaps you're more of a Sony fan. In which case, time to wait and see what they have planned for PS Plus members.

Source: Xbox Wire

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