Xbox Live Fan Appreciation Sale Features Discounted 'Bulletstorm'

Microsoft Fan Appreciation Sale

With Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, only two days away, it’s high time that gamers start getting in the spending spirit. While the eponymous day itself still dominates the holiday shopping season, some clever retailers and purveyors of electronic goods have extended the savings both before Black Friday and after.

One such company who has just begun offering some pretty sweet deals is Microsoft, who have today announced discount downloadable titles, digital games, and game add-ons. Microsoft does promise that more deals are on the way for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but within this ‘Fan Appreciation Sale’ are some pretty intriguing deals.

Among the full ‘Games on Demand’ titles that are being offered for this sale are some pretty heavy hitters like Battlefield: Bad Company, Street Fighter IV (PC), and Section 8: Prejudice (PC). Each is perfect for the gamer that likes to re-experience/own the predecessor’s to their favorite games — at least for Battlefield and Street Fighter — and, at 50% off, are a steal.

The most exciting offering of the bunch is Bulletstorm -- Epic Games and People Can Fly’s over-the-top shooter -- which surprisingly fell under the radar after release, despite being an extremely fun ride. At $14.99 for the PC version, if you haven’t checked out Bulletstorm we highly recommend you do.

On the downloadable and add-on front there are a couple stand-out titles and side missions to pick up including Double Fine’s whimsical Russian-Nesting-Doll puzzler Stacking, as well as additional content for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Homefront. To check out the full list of titles available, look no further:

There’s some pretty solid gems contained within this Fan Appreciation Sale, but nothing, aside from Bulletstorm, too revelatory. Microsoft has promised that more deals will be on the way, so if you’re looking at this list feeling like nothing is catching your eye, then hopefully the Black Friday deals should do the trick.

Are you interested in picking up any of the discount downloadable, PC, digital, or add-ons that are being made available in this ‘Fan Appreciation’ sale? What would be the one Microsoft product you would like to see get a substantial price cut?

Source: Major Nelson Blog

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